Inner Ethos: Exposition [Urban Fantasy][RPG][Paranormal]

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Inner Ethos: Exposition [Urban Fantasy][RPG][Paranormal]

#1 Post by vigaman » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:29 am

Encounter fiends, new friends, the paranormal, and unchain your inner self in this urban fantasy themed dungeon crawling puzzle X RPG.
Inner Ethos: Exposition is a dungeon crawling puzzle x role-playing game that takes place in a fictional city filled with conflict and strife. The player (you) serves as a main character who will encounter fiends, friends, and supernatural forces along the way. You will eventually discover that you can tap into your inner ethos, a personification of your personality, ego, and true self that possess supernatural powers.

The friends you meet start out as strangers. They can merely be another NPC that you pass by and make small can befriend them, get to know them, and have them be by your side. They have certain abilities and attributes that will make them a reliable ally in a fight.
Supporting Characters' Inner Ethos
It goes like this. One of your friends can heal wounds inside and/or outside a fight. One can buff up stats for the party in a fight. One knows certain areas around the city really well, which can help you avoid confrontation from fiends or find a sweet deal on an item. The more you socialize and get along with your new friends, the more abilities or special events you and your friend can unchain. Also the higher your friendship tier is with your friend, the stronger the attacks you inflict and the stronger the abilities you and your friend can unchain.

The fiends you meet are the byproduct of societal strife. They are the ones who most people fear and hate because they inflict pain in people's lives in order to mark their existence. They are the mass murderers and the thugs/gangs in our world. They also have the ability to unchain their inner ethos. The suffering that they cause comes with their own personal stories. Hear or call them out to find an exploit or attack them enough to find it.

Supernatural Forces
Supernatural forces you meet will watch over you and guide you forward in your journey. You don't meet them much, but they are around to inform what goes on around you or they help you unchain extra abilities for you and your party. Not all forces are good and their whole conception is the personification of havoc and chaos in the city.

The city the player just moved into is a fictional city based in USA. The city is based on multiple cities from certain parts of the world. I combined Tokyo and Texas since these places are familiar, though putting them together makes Tokyo a fictional city based in the USA. Tokyo, Texas is a city that grew too fast and steadily went into decline throughout the years. While the city has skyscrapers that cover the sky, the city within has projects that make up its ghettos. The thugs and other criminals lurk within the area and claim the dirty buildings as their home. People come and go in the ghetto. On the flip side, the outskirts of the city are suburban areas within the city district. Usually the suburban areas are safe, but the ominous forces have awaken negative energy into these areas where even a non threatening individual can suddenly snap and go on a rampage. Their end comes to a blur with one bullet shot.
Take the gameplay elements and game aesthetics of Shin Megami Tensei (series) x Persona 3&4 x The World Ends With You x Puzzle and Dragons then add a dash of visual novel gameplay elements and you'll have a similar experience playing all those games in one.
Screenshot game mock-up
Gameplay features include:

Tokyo will have multiple instanced areas to explore and have shops, food vendors, slum areas, suburban neighborhoods, etc.

Tile-matching (match 3 or more) - the tiles represent six different actions to execute when in a fight. Those are: attack (red tile), defend (blue tile), parry (yellow tile), counter (purple tile), dodge (green tile), and unchain (orange tile). Inspired by 'Puzzle and Dragons'

Logging off and on at a later time will have the players' and supporting characters' health fully recovered and ailments removed. Also the supporting character's will have additional buffs if you have them engage a hobby/activity that they like. You have to assign them a hobby/activity prior to you logging out. Inspired by 'The World Ends with You'

Time and date in the game is the same time that will show in real life. When it is daytime in real life, it will be daytime in the game. Also time and date in the game will send alerts on product sales. Inspired by 'The World Ends with You'

Consuming food will buff stats once the food is digested. Each character will have their own caloric intake. Also when picking out what food to purchase, consider the nutrition facts on the food as each fact is related to a certain stat. Inspired by 'The World Ends with You'

Certain clothing will serve as armor that either boost stats or negate ailments. Inspired by 'The World Ends with You'

Communicating with the fiends will help the player find an exploit/weakness from the fiends. Inspired loosely from 'Shin Megami Tensei'

Meeting up and communicating with supernatural forces will have them unlock special abilities for one's inner ethos, heal the party's wounds and ailments, or offer some extra information. Inspired loosely from 'Persona 3&4'

Social Tier System - this system contains 5 tiers: acquaintance, friend, best friend, close friend, and true friend. With the exception of the acquaintance tier, each tier unchains special abilities as well as the supporting characters giving gifts. This is similar to how the Social Links System works in 'Persona 3&4'.

Visual novel elements that has the player building up relationships among the supporting characters

There are more gameplay features, but they will be explained a bit more thoroughly later on.

The tracklist will feature music that is inspired by these music genres: hiphop, triphop, and grime. Here are some tracks for some point of reference.
Any feedback is appreciated. I feel like I'm missing a lot of information, so I'm good to answer any questions concerning that. Also, I would be constantly updating this post, so check often. :)

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Re: Inner Ethos: Exposition [Urban Fantasy][RPG][Paranormal]

#2 Post by Mariaachi » Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:46 pm

This sounds verrrryyyyyy interesting. I....will pay money for this one. I love Persona 3&4. I just heard about TWEWY and played it on a friend's console annd it was fun. Combining those will make one very happy gamer. But may i tell you something: Don't forget the story. If you put too much in features and cool stuffies you may forget the story. What's an RPG VN without a story am I right? That and I'm a sucker for RPG's with good stories.

Also: Never be a lemon. Be a potato. They are cooler. :)

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