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Re: e·phem·er·al [Drama, Slice of Life]

#16 Post by Hojita » Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:04 pm

Came here to answer the questions~
So far I'm pretty interested in the game. It gave me some Narcissu's vibes, thought I know (suppose) it would have a different kind of story.

What devices do you prefer playing games on? PC, IOS, Andriod, Etc?
Mainly PC. I use PSVita too. I use Windows Phone and I don't like Ios, so I gonna go for android.

We are planning to port to IOS. What apple device do you use?
No one. Though, the only one I would use, if I have to, would be a Ipod.

Are you more likely to play shorter VNs or do you tend to pass them up for longer ones?
I play them both.

Do you prefer games with a "dating" option or should there be more "platonic" games on the market?
Dating is not my main interest while reading visual novels, unless the character is pretty interesting for me and kinda 'my type'. But, that happens once in a while.

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Re: e·phem·er·al [Drama, Slice of Life]

#17 Post by KittyWills » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:08 pm

All that's left is to code the bulk of the game. =D Still on a tentative May release assuming nothing horrible happens. =D

We will also be at Cherry Capital Comic Con on May 26th-28th~

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