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Re: (18+) Red Eyes In The Darkness- The tainted blood - Chimaera

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:31 am
by Ryue
So the transfer of the game from rpgmaker to renpy is starting already. Aka I'm in the process of creating the project, moving assets where possible and preparing to write the scripts. Will be quite interesting tbh how many words it will have. In rpgmaker I had 5274 words for the prologue arc. In renpy due to also having to describe the movements of characters I guess it will be easily double to triple that amount (if not more).

One thing I'm definitively looking forward to is that in renpy the implementation of the rpg mechanics will be easier :)
(Still though the classes how I had envisioned them are not compatible with Pathfinder 2nd edition, thus I need to redesign them completely.....due to how a few power types work now in PF2)

That aside one point where I'm a bit unsure currently is the movement of the character between locations. I've got 3 options for that and I'm not exactly sure which fits best for this type of game:
  • "Go South, Head to the supermarket, ..." as buttons here you have the room (textually described) and a small map and can thus move between locations
  • A map displayed where you can click on locations
  • 3D dungeon crawler (like a few others in renpy)

Re: (18+) Red Eyes In The Darkness- The tainted blood - Chimaera

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:46 pm
by Ryue
So as a status update: I'm still transfering the story text from the rpgmaker version to renpy. My main problem currently (and also reason for the long no posts)....I've got a major both arms and hands and that since quite a while. It took quite a while to even start getting better and currently I'm slowly starting to write again (so as to not get a relapse).

So whats the plan:
I'm currently putting in the story and text. afterwards I start with the graphics and then the gameplay mechanics.
(as the graphics are all already there its just copy & paste there luckily).

I created a discord server in case anyone has questions,...