Tailor Tales [GxB] Design clothes & dress-up. Beta 1.4 out! 100k words!

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Re: Tailor Tales [GxB] Design clothes & dress-up. Beta 1.4 out! 100k words!

#76 Post by Ana » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:52 pm

I don't post too often on WIPs, but just need to drop by and say JAMES <33! I really like the guys who do the whole superhero transform thing and he just reminds me of like a lovechild of Alvin and Gaius from Tales of Xillia?? And the flowy vest he has on in the character description is YES!

Anyway, I didn't really look too hard on the other characters too much, but after taking a look back at Sam, I noticed the black and white stripes and how it's mentioned that he's a criminal?? I love that sort of detail on a character. Anyway, your work is super awesome, and I look forward to continuing watching your progress!

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