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In Quest Of Worlds [Experimental] [Mystic] [Sci-fi]

#1 Post by MJT1957 » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:06 pm

Hi, Everyone,

So now for something completely different...and maybe a little bit crazy.

I’m working on a very non-traditional Ren’Py project. I’m not even sure it really qualifies as a “Visual Novel” because it isn’t particularly novelistic. So, maybe “multimedia narrative” would be better. (Any suggestions for alternative and better names are more than welcome.)

Anyway, it is called “In Quest Of Worlds” or perhaps “Of Worlds In Quest” (the title is from a poem of Andrew Marvell’s. It takes the conceit that we are somehow transported to a distant future in which human beings have migrated into computers. They have become, in other words, software dwelling inside simulated worlds—which is actually what some futurists have suggested will really happen. I don’t know if it will, but it is an interesting idea.

Further, the story assumes that each human (virtual human?) has the capacity to construct a world, a synthetic reality, tailored exactly for their tastes and interests. Have a thing for war, horror, love, adventure, etc.? Fine. You can specify exactly what you want for your particular existence.

The result being, though, that each of us is then presented with the temptations and perils of being the creator of a universe... a demiurge.

(Naturally, there’s lots of heavy handed symbolism going on here. Don’t we all, already, create our own worlds, for good or ill? But, what the heck, subtlety has never been my strong suit.)

Anyway, in Quest, you wander around from world to world...seeing what’s on hand, and then keep traveling.

I’ve got a limited, pre-Beta version available here:

MAC ...

PC ...

Let me know if they don’t work. I’m new at this (blush).

There’s also a Tumblr page for the project, which you can see here:

Or, you can just go to my Vimeo page and see some videos of “game” play. That’s here:

See what you think. I look forward to your comments. What works? What doesn’t work? And so on.

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