Sinking [GxB, GxG][Fantasy, romance]

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Sinking [GxB, GxG][Fantasy, romance]

#1 Post by DeeVisser » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:15 pm

Follow the game on itchio for updates!

While being God's host makes you an unstoppable force of nature, it doesn't save you from politics.
After a long break, I'm back with a small otoge project! It's the side story of a bigger narrative, but since it's fairly self contained, I decided to focus on it first before completing my other games.
The art is made by the amazing Yagot! Aside from the sprites she made 3 CGs, a splash screen and some chibi art :D
I have all the assets needed for the common route, and the script is done as well. I'm in the process of programming it in Ren'Py. Hopefully the demo will be out by the end of the month, when I can afford to pay a GUI artist as well :)
Image Image
Some screenshots of how I want the screen to look like!

Lacie comes from a world without color, where fire is seen with distrust and the mountains are a dangerous place, too far away from water. She is spirited away as a child after becoming the host of Ara, the Twin God.

Tradition wants Ara's host to become the ruler; when Lacie is back after ten years, she becomes the princess of a country she can't call her own anymore. Her peaceful days are over as soon as King Jarl, the host of the Goddess, seeks to reunite the Twin Gods and become the host of both.
Someone soberly nicknamed The Widower is sent by King Jarl to marry Lacie. She can't outright refuse without causing a war... but she can thwart the King's plans by marrying someone else first.
  • - MC who is nearly omnipotent, omniscient at will, but can still fail. She knows how things work in her world... an in ours as well;
    - 2 GxB routes, 1 GxG route;
    - Side quests to determine what kind of ruler Lacie is: conservative but fair, or progressive and strict?
Lacie's political alignment will determine if she'll marry the prince or the entertainer, but the advisor who always watches over her is also an option...
Questions for you
  • - Lacie, the MC, has a pretty defined personality. How important do you find self-insertion in otoges?
    - The common route doesn't feature traditional choices. Lacie's actions are locked by the plot and the player can only decide the outcome of side quests. What do you think of the system?
    - What do you think of the romance options given their brief descriptions?

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