Origin of War [Artwork to be Revealed]

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Origin of War [Artwork to be Revealed]

#1 Post by Vnigma » Sat Jul 29, 2017 5:20 am


Announcing the Kick-start of our my new and First Real Project.
I personally will be the writer/Director/artist/programmer of the project so any support would be welcome.
and here's what you need to know about the project:

Project Name: Origin of War

Setting: medieval/fantasy(DnD like realm)

Game Type: Visual Novel/Rpg

Age: +13 probably for some gore content

Many Years ago in a far fantasy land …
A mighty king set out to aid his people against the hordes of Ork’ai that brought chaos to the lands, he gallantly charged with all his forces vanquishing and obliterated their forces scattering them in all directions. However victorious, the king was ambushed and killed with his knights and the future husband of his only daughter.
All the lords under the banners of the kings were shocked to hear of the news, the kingdom has no male heir, and the princess is the only royal blood left.
Our story begins when news of what happened to the king and his royal party reached camp Daughton near the Nebulosus forest……


the Names of the characters might be edited in the future but here's the current Names:

a scout in the king's army, due to the fact that he was raised by elves he is considered one of the best scouts in the land

The princess of the kingdom, she is known for her mesmerizing beauty and grace.

Guard Captain(Volgreth):
a tough veteran field commander, he is the one who found the protagonist in the elvish land and recruited him

Lord Commander(Algar):
a young ambitious and keen commander of the western army of the kingdom.


Additional Notes:

The game will be free and hopfully released on as many OS as possible

Development Progress:
Story: 60%
Artwork: 12%

for any question/requests please feel free to contact me in my facebook page:

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