Dawn Of A New Life [Fantasy/Romance/SoL]

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Dawn Of A New Life [Fantasy/Romance/SoL]

#1 Post by Salusava » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:24 pm

My dear salutations to every one of you.
I am here to announce my game.

Dawn Of A New Life
"Julius, The bastard of the king sees his adoptive father dying in front of him, he wants to respect his last wish, for Julius to ascend to the top of society. His best friend, Jasmine proposes him to follow her to the Great Capital to become a Magus. It's up to him to choose his path."

Dawn Of A New Life will put you into a fantasy world, where magic exists.
Julius sees his father dying in front of him, a dagger in the chest, and he wants to fullfill his father's wish, he wants to climb to the top. He will be put in an epic journey do fullfil that very wish... He could become a great magus, as he could become a random mercenary, it is up to him to forge his path.
This sarcastic and calm boy is thrown in the outside world, forced to become what he idealizes.
But, fortunately, his best friend Jasmine, who is a magus with great potential proposes him to become her assistant and to go in the Great Capital, where he will be able to accomplish what he is fated to do.
He could as well... Refuse ?

Julius will meet people, each with their own goals and aspirations.
While one may be a true Goddess, the other could be a poor ermit.
In this world where tyrants make the rules, Julius may be our brightest hope...
Or our Darkest Nightmare.

He'll be thrown in this epic world, with a fate to fullfil and love to find.
Here are the one that he could meet...
There will also be a bunch of side characters, some of which may be very importants.
Each route will have it's own characters, and happen in different places, mostly.
This is it for now...
But there is also the same for the Main Character, worry not.

Now, that's it.
Once the game is released, it is not impossible that I may add another route.
The VN will last a few hours, I believe, surely less than 10 per route, but I'm a bit shitty at notion of time, things may seem quick while being long and vice versa...!
Some will certainly notice that the game will take inspiration from Mythology, like the Epic of Gilgamesh, or Persian Mythology, it'll depend of the routes, but I'm a great fan of mythology, and I really loved the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Well well, now...
I may present myself a little bit.
I'm a french guy, and this is my first time developping a VN, though I've participated in many RP over the years and wrote a fanfiction, I do believe that I'm able to write a minimum nicely. Though, it's my first time doing something in full english, but I'll, with most certainty, do a french translation to the game.

So, I enjoy drawing and writing, I love to draw characters, drawing buildings is nice too.
Though, drawing full cities is clearly not my thing (it ends up poorly) or places like forests.
And about this, if someone knows anyone who'd accept me to use some of their art as assets like cities or backgrounds, that would be nice !
Because I am doing this game all alone, on my free time, and know that this is going to take time.
Music-wise, I love music, but suck at playing music. On this side of the VN, I think I'll certainly use musics with share alike license, I've found some that are really astonishing.

So yeah, basically I am a solo developper, kind new to this... I played only a few VN, Katawa Shoujo, Fate, Sunrider, sakura spirit (I swear I got it for free), but that's a format that I really love.
At first I was planning to do a novel, but it's more interesting and accessible to do a visual novel... Even if I had to change things, like make it romance axed, and add slice of life (yeah, there'll be some, more or less depending of the routes, like with Jasmine where you'll mainly be in town, expect more SoL than with Cass who's an adventurer.)

If someone wants to contact me for any reason, I've got a Deviantart freshly made here
Or I've got my skype which is "Psarotv"

The Game I'm doing will be completely free, and I've done part of the writing, it's going to take time but I'd say that I am at 40% of Jasmine's route, writing-wise
I still need to do other sprites, and backgrounds/artworks.

Or if someone has any question, for anything lore-wise, developpement or anything else, feel free to ask it there !

Thanks for reading !

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