Our Celestial Faerietale [Demo Out Now!]

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Our Celestial Faerietale [Demo Out Now!]

#1 Post by pyopyon » Tue Dec 12, 2017 4:34 pm


Demo download link:
  • via itch


    When Temponian becomes the new Phoenix of the Metallum, she is haunted by the legacy of Calaia, the former ruler of the planet.

    Calaia the Grand Inventor, they called her.

    Calaia the Great Scientist.

    Calaia the Savior.

    Dealing with an increasingly desperate energy crisis that Calaia herself left behind, Temponian takes respite in chronicles of the past and their fantastic stories of the Vega, a species that once co-existed on the planet before they abandoned the Metallum in a great time of need.

    It is in this time of desperation that news comes of a mysterious masked stranger, seeking an audience.

    Calling himself "Solamere the Bright", he claims to be a mythical Vega from the Realm of Stars. He seems innocent enough, but with his arrival sparks ideas of a daring plan that will change Meígma forever...


    This is my game jam entry for the Maximum Monster Game Jam! Basically, since aliens can also be monsters according to the rules, I decided to go from that angle. As far as story style, it a romance, and not unlike Of Ice & Snow, is intended to be an original faerietale. Unlike Of Ice & Snow, however, it's got much happier endings so hey. /o/ Haha.



    Temponian. A young ruler who was recently reborn from the metal of the former ruler, Calaia. Temponian is a warm and decisive, a natural ruler by all accounts... but she also lacks confidence in herself since she is constantly held up to Calaia for comparison. Loves to read.


    Solamere. Supposedly a Vega from the Realm of Stars. Solamere is poetic and gallant, but strangely, he also wears a mask that conceals his face. Why?


    COMMON ROUTE -- Demo [Complete]
    Route Concept: Complete.
    Outline: 100%
    - Writing: 100% (15k in words)

    Route Concept: Complete.
    Outline: 100%
    - Writing: 0%

    Route Concept: Complete.
    Outline: 100%
    - Writing: 0%


    bg art by sour
    sprite art by rei
    gui by potouto
    programming by marionette
    cc music by eric matyas
    everything else by owl.


    1. What do you think of the concept?
    2. Who's your favorite advisor?
    3. Do you think Calaia can be trusted?
    4. How do you think it'll end?
    5. Did you play Of Ice & Snow? If so, original-faerietale wise, how does it compare for you?
    6. Would you mind rating this game on itch.io if you can?
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