The Deadline [Comedy, Surreal, Mistery] [DEMO]

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The Deadline [Comedy, Surreal, Mistery] [DEMO]

#1 Post by Frullo » Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:47 pm


The Deadline,” a Visual Novel developed by the Italian team NDE Visual which satirizes the publishing industry, will let the player experience the joys and sorrows of a young writer, influence the development of the story through multiple narrative choices, and most of all, have plenty of fun!

The full version will be out in June 2018 if we don't miss... The Deadline. *laughs nervously*
In the meantime, if you’re interested in writing, enjoy surreal plots, or just want to have a laugh and try something new from an indie team of experienced writers, you can download the Free Demo. It includes about one hour of playtime and introduces the player to the quirky and surreal style of “The Deadline” and its characters. It is available from the 4th of January on (PC and Mac versions), the Play Store (Android), and the App Store (iOs).

The plot: Ramfis, a wannabe writer in his twenties with a mess of a life, is about to send his first novel to the publisher, but he's stopped by a handful of weird folks, including a drunken web designer, a scary hitwoman, an annoying accountant, and a know-it-all girl. The worst part? The writer discovers... they are the characters from his own novel! Ramfis finds himself in a lose-lose situation: in order to get rid of them, he has to rewrite the entire book, but his nasty publisher only allows him 8 days to do it. Will he be able to please everyone... and even publish a successful book?

The Characters:


Other infos/Screenshots/press coverage/etc.

Since this is our first Visual Novel and we are still working on the commercial release (of which 80% of script and art are ready), we'd really appreciate if fellows devs could give us feedback of any kind, especially about what could be improved.

If you have questions or anything feel free to ask me. Cheers.

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