Maybe, Maybe not [Social|Romance|Drama] Visual Novel

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Square Games
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Maybe, Maybe not [Social|Romance|Drama] Visual Novel

#1 Post by Square Games » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:33 pm

Questions about the Story:

What do you do if you know that something is wrong in your life?
Are you always that what other people are expect from you?
Do you really think that you are cooler than others?
You think that there is nobody who can beat you?
Why is everyone like you or is this just played?
Why are you running away from yourself?
Are you happy in your life now?
What are you most afraid of?

The Life as we know is simple. Every Day is a Day like any other, you go to Work or School - you do something, you are busy and you do not see some Things, Things that are right in front of your nose. Which does not mean that we are blind, but we just do not see it, because we are too busy with ourselves. What if something changes your life? What If all you know now disappears and is no longer there? 8 Fates coming together - 8 Souls who want to be more than they are - 8 Personalitys who want to show what is in them - 8 Ways to go into the Future . . . which Way will you go?

All Characters are going on the same Place in Boston, Massachusetts - why? Because they are all talented and want to get more out of themselves - one is a genius, the other is highgifted and another is just as he is, but all will come together on this special Place, the Harvard University!

Questions about the Characters:
a complete Description will come the next Days, because i start 2 Days ago the Project

Adam Winter from Germany - Age: 23

Alexa Chevalier from France - Age: 22

Charly Chan from China - Age: 24

David Flynn from Australia - Age: 22

Jason Black from USA - Age: 23

Kimberly Ashford from England - Age: 23

Sarah Kumari from India - Age: 24

Yukiko Matzuko from Japan - Age: 22

Feature & other Informations

- 9 separate Chapterparts, but all will come together in the End
- several ways to finish the gameplay / more as 8
- Friendship / Relationship System
- all Interactions are fixed and cant be changed
- each Character has a "Talent" like charming or handsome to get a spacial Option to choose in few decisions
- possibility that Characters or NonPlayerChars could be die
- hidden Puzzles and Secrets
- "maybe" 8 different views of the single Chapterparts (which means it give's only one perfect Way)
- a smal Smartphone System

Development Status
Since I have just started there is not much, but that will change in the next few weeks.

Chaper - 1 Status = 20%
Chaper - 2 Status =
Chaper - 3 Status =
Chaper - 4 Status =
Chaper - 5 Status =
Chaper - 6 Status =
Chaper - 7 Status =
Chaper - 8 Status =
Chaper - 9 Status =

Backgrounds = enogh to work (which means i dont know at the Moment how much Backgrounds or Locations the Game will have)
Character & Emotions = basics to work

Soundtrack = none
Visual Effects = none

Words? "how many Words will the Game have?" honestly, i really dont know, but i think enogh :P
Lunch Data = end of 2018

at least - Reviews and suggestions are welcome! So long i wish you a good Day - P.s. i will Update this Post 2 times per Week, Thanks.

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Re: Maybe, Maybe not [Social|Romance|Drama] Visual Novel

#2 Post by フリークェンシー » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:38 pm

Hello! This project sounds very ambitious! Are you perhaps working on it by yourself? And is it commercial or free to play?

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