University Life Of A Clueless Student: Path to Remembrance [Slice of Life] [Mystery] [Drama] [Romance]

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University Life Of A Clueless Student: Path to Remembrance [Slice of Life] [Mystery] [Drama] [Romance]

#1 Post by SilverKnight99O » Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:55 pm

You wake up in a hospital bed only to find out you have amnesia of multiple past event that affects you even up until your first day enrolled in a brand new international university abroad.

Interact and make new friends each with their own different personalities, go through the hardships, of your first semester in college as you balance your daily lives and academics, restore your former memories, and in the end strive to have fun, whichever way you like.

Eric Hovland
"He’s kind of a shy nerd but he’s not the one to give up from any given situation."

"Very outgoing and friendly, likes to joke. Desserts are her favorite."

"Biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet."

"Daughter of a multinational company CEO. Acts like a delicate flower. People tend to call her princess."

Jong Tae
"The source of all MC’s problems."

"Olivia’s childhood friend. Trained in the martial arts. Is paid by Olivia’s mother to bodyguard her."

You, And many more!

Current and Planned Features

- A story filled with drama, comedy, romance. Meticulously planned. Currently in development is chapter 1 out of 5
- Playable demo teaser: Chapter 0. Link at gamejolt [ ... nce/317076]
- Originial soundtrack designed to fit appropriate scenes.
- SFX and ambient sounds
- Mini games including a rock paper scissors feature for story progression
- 6 romanceable characters, 3 females and 3 males. You can date both female or male students, regardless of gender.
- Multiple ending routes, good or bad.

Aardwolf Games is a games development team founded in 2018 by Irsyad M. Bastaman. We are formerly as a team for a college project but our goal is vast. We aim to deliver interactive stories not just for entertainment purposes, but to inspire other content-creators to create themselves.

SilverKnight99O Lead Programmer, Producer
Calcarbonate Lead Artist, Creative Director, Head of Marketing
Anya: Lead Story Developer
Blond-Roaches: Crew of Aardwolf Games
Beena from production66: CG Artist

Alongside other volunteer members.

- Story: Outlined every chapters, written 10%, including demo
- Programmed: chapter 0 from planned chapter 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,
- GUI: Improvements needed
- Character Art: all 14 characters finished, with different expressions
- Background art: Finished
- CG: 3 on progress of 3 planned. Needs other CG artists.
- Soundtrack: 50% finished out of all
- Approximate percentage of completion: 15%

Does the game presented here interest you? (Why or why not?)
What was your first impression of the game?
Have ideas for other possible mini games?
Any other comments, questions, or feedback?

Early stage demo for PC: ... nce/317076

Early stage demo for MAC: ... nce/317076

Active social media account:

Questions for Players of Demo:
Are there any aspects that really interest you?
Are there any aspects that you feel detract from interest?
What was your impression of the demo overall?
Did you find any glitches or bugs that need to be addressed?
Was the writing acceptable? Were there any strange moments in flow or awkward dialogue?
Were the transitions of expressions and rooms acceptable? Any strange moments?
What was your favorite part of the demo?
Any other comments, questions, or feedback?

Thank you!

Follow us on instagram to see updates and a variety of fun filled content every week! Feel free to ask us through DM!
- SilverKnight99O, Somebody that tries to make games with friends. :D :D :D

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Re: University Life Of A Clueless Student: Path to Remembrance [Slice of Life] [Mystery] [Drama] [Romance]

#2 Post by Zelan » Sat May 19, 2018 10:03 pm

Does the game presented here interest you?: (Why or why not?): A little bit. I like the art, and mystery is cool, but the plot seems a little cliche. Whether you can pull it off depends if you're able to write well or not.
What was your first impression of the game?: Same as above.
Have ideas for other possible mini games?: I do rather like rock paper scissors mingames, but some might want something less luck-based? It might also be wise to have an option to turn minigames off, some people prefer just reading the visual novels.
Any other comments, questions, or feedback?: I hope you're still working on this, it seems like it has potential.

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