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Project 4th Wall [Sci-fi] [Puzzle]

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:08 pm
by Gushi
Hello everyone, I am Gushi! I am somewhat of a newbie to renpy and have always enjoyed visual novels so when I saw Renpy I wanted to make a visual novel of my own, this is a game I've been working on for a while and it's called Project 4th Wall. The demo has already been released on itch and Gamejolt if anybody is willing to play, I'll put the links to both of the sites at the very bottom of this post before the questions. Now onto the details!

:Basic Plot:
Hello and welcome to Project 4th Wall, you have been chosen to test an experiment that will determine if artificial intelligence will be able to live amongst humankind. In this experiment you will be testing two AI's named Subject R.O.M and Subject R.A.M, with the help of your trusted companion GUIDE you will be able to successfully complete this experiment. However, is there more behind this experiment than meets the eye....?


GUIDE is a minor character, they are a disembodied voice that helps the player through the experiment if they need help. Unfortunately this is all that they are capable of, nothing more, nothing less. They offer to help the two subjects as well but one is more willing to take the help more than other.
Subject R.O.M
Subject R.O.M is the more logical of the two, He's neat and organized but can be pretty snippy when things don't work the way he plans. His goal is to protect the experiment and everything inside, he watches what goes in and out of the system and makes sure nothing is where it doesn't belong. Although he has a rather brash attitude he has a very soft interior and cares about the experiment, he seems a little uptight but he can warm up to you if he trusts you enough
Subject R.A.M
Subject R.A.M is Subject R.O.M's counterpart, he is more messy and random when it comes to work and is used to handling a lot at once. His job is to make sure to kill of bugs and viruses in the program before they get too dangerous. He's fun, bubbly and way more laid back than Subject R.O.M, he has a knack for knowing when something isn't right in the program however he's impulsive and sometimes acts without thinking. He's easy to trust which can be both a good and a bad thing.





: Progress :
Here is the progress of the game so far, most of it is pretty accurate :
Sprite art = 100% done
Background art = 100% done
CG's = 99% done
R.O.M's route = 100% done (although in the demo, it only shows half his route)
R.A.M's route = 0% done

:Game Links:
Gamejolt: (<---- This is where minor updates will be, I'll only post major updates here)

So now that you know about my game does anybody have any questions about the plot or characters? Or the development itself maybe? I'll answer whatever I can although I won't answer anything that hints to any spoilers in the game. Just feel free to post your questions on this forum and I might answer them :wink:

Re: Project 4th Wall [Sci-fi] [Puzzle]

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 1:40 pm
by Zelan
Are you still working on this? The art is really cool, and I like the premise a lot. The idea of two different AIs with distinct jobs and personalities is awesome.