The Turning Project (TTP) [Adult, Text Heavy, RPG]

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The Turning Project (TTP) [Adult, Text Heavy, RPG]

#1 Post by Dream3r » Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:38 pm


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Hello, I'm Dream3r otherwise known as @DakotaLDE. I've worked on games for over five years now though what I'm here to talk about today is my first project as a solo developer. That is The Turning Project (TTP for short) and it is an adult-focused, text-heavy, rpg. So if you're under 18, this is your time to stop reading :P.

Now that the kids are gone or snooping where they shouldn't let's move on to the details of the project.

Main Goals of the Game
In the last few years, I've seen adult games have more and more success and are a bit less taboo. However, I think they still have quite a ways to go and I want to help push some of the boundaries of that area of games. I want to make something that has adult content without it being at the cost of character development and a good plot. Far too often I see adult games where the characters seem one dimensional and are mainly porn devices. There's going to be a fair amount of sexual content in TTP but it's going to more so be earned rather than characters acting abnormal and just giving into you because you're the perfect harem boy/girl.

The central plot is based on a choice you as the player make at the beginning of the game, a mysterious woman offers you great powers and it's up to you to accept them or not. In a sense this woman, Enigma, is the main character of The Turning Project, not you. If you accept the powers, she'll have demands for you to fulfill. If you refuse the powers, she'll go on to choose someone else and that person will have the powers to turn the world into something else unless you stop them.

The mechanics for either branch of the story are similar though very different in how they play out. For now, my focus is on the turning branch of the story, in which the player accepts the abilities offered by Enigma. Your core ability is to influence people's actions. This ends up being a balance of relationship building and testing the boundaries of your powers. The more someone trusts you, the more they'll drop their guard for you to influence them. The more you practice your abilities, the more powerful you'll get. Be warned though that can only influence one's actions, not their thoughts and feelings. So if you make someone do something they don't want to do they can lose trust in you, resent you, fight back, have you arrested, or kill you. As Enigma's Chosen you will set down a path to find out who you really are when you're given the abilities to alter the world to your liking.

At a later date I'll be working on the other branch where you refuse the abilities offered to you by Enigma as well as a rivalry set of mechanics where another character will make the choice you didn't and alongside your primary goals you two (or more) will compete to see who comes out on top.

The Turning Project is almost entirely a solo project. I will commision out some work if this project takes off but at its core the writing and scripting of the project is done by me. As such the project is limited by my own abilities. At its start, it will be text-heavy with few visuals. I'll include screenshots of the game's current state below. In the end, I hope to make this project far more than just text and choices and build this up to an rpg that allows you to explore and interact with the world around you. (But we'll just have to see how that goes :wink: )




  • Story: Build v0.03 that I'm working on right now is currently at 28,218 words and I'm just scratching the surface. The game branches a lot in both small and big ways. Characters can get hurt or killed so you may never experience all they have to offer. You'll have to play through the game a few times to get a better taste of what TTP has to offer.
  • RPG Elements: Outside of the core trust/power/relationship balance there are other stats that will have an influence on what you are capable of. You traditional Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Charisma stats come into play as well as your skill with guns. At a later date I'll make it so other characters can build their stats too so taking someone to the shooting range won't just increase their relationship with you but improve their own skill with a gun (which might bite you in the ass later)
  • More to come in later builds such as a rivalry system, strategy elements, and other content!
The main thing I want besides for people to try out the game is their feedback. Somewhat along these lines...

  • Yur general thoughts about the game.
  • Did you enjoy it?
  • Does it have potential?
  • What do you want out of future builds?
  • Does a mechanic need tweaking?
  • Is a certain character a bit bland?
  • What would it take (if anything) to make you more likely to support the project on Patreon?
  • Carolina stays on screen after so and so scene.
  • My computer combusted upon bootup.
  • You left your saves in the latest build.
Hit me with everything, I'm all ears and awaiting praise or scorn n_n.

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