[+18]Alair, A World of Whims [RPG, Simulator, Text Based]

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[+18]Alair, A World of Whims [RPG, Simulator, Text Based]

#1 Post by deathchrno » Wed May 16, 2018 6:23 pm

Hi, I'm Deathchrno.
I bring here a game I'm making.



Everything started with a pact between gods…
A goddess made a pact to lend her power in exchange for hope… and fun.
That goddess sees hope in you if you can reach her expectations or not… only you can decide.
Be what you want to be… be yourself.

Alair is an RPG game with simulator game like mechanics.
The idea of this game is making a "realistic" life in a medieval fantasy world, I mean, if you want to be an adventurer, a merchant, a farmer, a slave trader, etc... you can be it.
As a text-based game, it has no limit in what I can make.

  • RPG system like levels, skills, spells and weapon and magic system mastery
  • Slaves, Slave training for battle and business
  • Crafting and enchanting system
  • Time Progress
  • Business like farms, inns, bars, clans (adventurers' guild)
  • Marriage and children
  • Optional sexual content
  • Geneder selection for MC
  • Multiple Endings
Project Status:
  • Combat system : Done
  • Status Screen : Done
  • Items : Done
  • Shops : Done
  • Make a demo (WIP)

Combat System

Winning a Fight

Status Screen(WIP)

If you have questions or opinions, feel free to write it here.
Also, forgive me if I have some grammar mistakes, I not native English speaker

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