My Burning Heart [BL, KICKSTARTER, DEMO available]

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Re: My Burning Heart [BL, KICKSTARTER, DEMO available]

#31 Post by PeterKmiecik » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:58 am

Congrats on reaching the goal ! :)

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Re: My Burning Heart [BL, KICKSTARTER, DEMO available]

#32 Post by Ertal77 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:28 pm

Hello, guys!

Sorry for the long radio silence in the forum; rl makes it difficult to keep up with all the social media!

Anyway, I have an update about the release plan, as we start the last month of development.

Our awesome artist, 6nii9, has finished all the CGs for the game and one additional background is on the works!

Sadly, my part, the script and coding, is progressing more slowly due to my day job being super stressful lately. The good part is that it will be over in ten days, and then I'll be able to devote myself to work full time in VNs development!

Even so, we are pressed for time so the first release will be English only, so we can give the translators their needed time to do their work. The voice acting will be implemented in July for the same reason. I hope you understand this issue; my previous game was delayed because I was waiting for some assets, but this time I would like to release on time!

Remember you can follow the game's progress in our Discord server!
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