Alice's Reverie [GxG/NB][Romance][LGBT+][DEMO]

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Alice's Reverie [GxG/NB][Romance][LGBT+][DEMO]

#1 Post by lacrimoosa » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:19 pm

Alice’s Reverie is a visual novel following our protagonist, Alice. Alice grew tired of being compared to the protagonist of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as a child. Now, as a twenty-year-old struggling student and a closeted lesbian, she envies the fictional Alice’s carefree childhood days. But when Alice suddenly finds herself in her own bizarre version of Wonderland, will it be the magical adventure and fairy tale romance she’s always dreamed of?

You choose who Alice will stay with; Wendy, Vee, Catherine, Lulu, Skylar, or Reese. Each route follows the descendants of the book characters and their daily life and struggles as Alice waits patiently until the day she can return home.

The demo includes the prologue + the first full act for all the LIs, including the "secret" unlockable route.

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alice bio.png
wendy bio.png
vee bio.png
cat bio.png
lulu bio.png
skylar bio.png
reese bio.png
morrigan bio.png

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Screenshot (35).png
After working for 4 years, this project finally reached a completed demo stage, and we released the demo a few weeks ago! However, we are not getting as much feedback as we would like, so I've decided to upload the game into the forum!

We're looking for feedback such as favorite route/character so far and what you like/don't like about the demo. The story of the full game has already been planned out, but the way it's played out is susceptible to change depending on the feedback we get.

If you play through the demo, please tell us what you thought! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Download the demo here ->

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