Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea [Otome] [Fantasy]

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Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea [Otome] [Fantasy]

#1 Post by milo39 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:01 am


Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea
Made by Fantasy Studios

♦ Game info ♦

What will it cost? It will be a free release
Release date? Full game: Early 2020
Genre: Adventure, fantasy, romance
Rate: PG-13

There are 3 different type endings per route.

Good End | Normal End | Bad End

♦ Features ♦

- 2 routes, each with a unique storyline
- At least 6+ hours of playtime. Total 150,000+ words.
- 9 Sprites
- 15+ CG art
- 15+ Original background art
- 15+ Original soundtracks
- Opening video

♦ Story ♦

Disguised amongst the crew of Zade's great ship, Ivara is on the run from her father, the King. Torn between loyalty to the king and forbidden love for Ivara, the Captain of the King's guard searches the realm for the missing princess. There is more, however, to Captain Zade's enterprise than first meets the eye and before long Ivara must decide between life as a princess or a pirate. Did she make the right choice in escaping her arranged marriage, or was it a mistake?

♦ Main characters ♦



The heroine (you) in this story. A princess who does not want an arranged marriage and decides to run away and join a pirate ship.

Cadmium Lancealot

Cadmium Into.png

Cadmium is the captain of the guard, appointed by King Cerulean himself. Even though he is young he is the best knight in the kingdom. When he met Princess Ivara he fell instantly in love. But because he isn't royalty he cannot marry her so he makes it his goal in life to make her happy in whatever way possible.

Zade/Owen Ashkanasy

Zade into.png

Zade is the captain of 'The Eye Of The Phoenix', the most feared pirate ship on the high seas. He is determined to find the treasure his father left behind. His only clue to its whereabouts is in his father's journal.

♦ Side characters ♦

King Cerulean Karagen Mamillius Silvagny III

Cerulean intro.png

Cerulean is the King of Everdee and farther of Ivara. He loves his daughter, however, the loss of his dear wife has affected him deeply and he pushes Ivara away. When troubling times come to the kingdom he can only see one option: Marry his daughter off to the neighbouring Prince.

Prince Vale Chisolm

Vale intro.png

Vale is a very rich prince from the kingdom of Kelkiah. When King Cerulean offers him his daughter's hand in marriage, Vale sees this as a great opportunity to expand his influence and power.

Viletis/Liam Ashkanasy

Liam intro.jpg

Viletis is one of the most feared pirate captains, second only to Zade. His goal is to take down Zade and find the treasure that his father left behind.


Vaddek intro.png

Vaddek is the Eye Of The Phoenix's first mate. He is one of the most feared pirates in the seas and is one of the best fighters in all the lands. His menacing exterior, however, disguises a care for his crew and friends that is second to none.

Random Girl & Guy

These characters play many different roles throughout the story.

♦ Backgrounds ♦

Throne Room






♦ Progress ♦

Common Route writing: 50k/50k
Pirate Route writing: 0/50k+
Princess Route writing: 45/50k+
Backgrounds: 19/19
Sprites: 9/9
CG's: 5/15+
GUI: 4/10

♦ Questions for you ♦

1. Which character is your favourite/looks the most interesting and why?
2. What are your overall thoughts about this visual novel?

♦ Collaborative project ♦

Sarah Stephens

Sarah is the talented production manager, programmer and director for 'Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea'.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sarah_May124

Abby Maskel

Abby is the wonderful writer for 'Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea'.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/abby_maskell

Shannon Parnell

Shannon is the fantastic music composer for 'Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea'.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shannon.parnell/

Saleha Chowdhury

Saleha is the gifted background artist for 'Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea'.
Website: https://www.salehachowdhury.com/about.html


Tsuruki is the amazing sprite and CG artist for 'Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea'.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/19tsuruki/

Tina Ryu

Tina Ryu is the awesome script editor for 'Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea'.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/whitepriestess

Luna Chai

Luna Chai is the incredible GUI artist for 'Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea'.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lunachaili

♦ Social Media ♦

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fantasy__Studio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fantasystudios ... =bookmarks

FantasyStudios copy.png
throneroom_bigger copy.png
docks2048 copy.png
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Code Name: Pirate Princess [Otome] [Fantasy]

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Re: Code Name: Pirate Princess [Otome] [Fantasy]

#2 Post by CeeCeeVA » Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:32 am

Voice Actress, Casting Director, Writer & Director


Animation Demo Reel:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/10plH50 ... p=drivesdk

For VO inquiry:

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Re: Code Name: Pirate Princess [Otome] [Fantasy]

#3 Post by NiKaWo » Fri Aug 24, 2018 3:32 pm

1. Which character is your favourite/looks the most interesting and why? - Cadmium - because I'm a sucker for character's who are in love doing whatever will make their beloved happy even if it will hurt them.
2. What are your overall thoughts about this visual novel? - Art is beautiful, and story sounds interesting enough. I'd have paid $15~ for it, so the fact that it's free is amazing. Though if you want to leave tips open...

For reals though, I like rebellious princesses, I like pirates, I like unrequited-except-oops-actually-it's-requited-after-all love stories.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this!

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Re: Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea [Otome] [Fantasy]

#4 Post by PeterKmiecik » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:28 pm

As for BGs they are bright and nice.
The ship scene have some scale issues though with ship and port/boats though wasn't sure how really big this ship is. Try maybe google some ships paintings or photos and compare of big it should be. Also drop the anchor ;)

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