Ex Astris 06 [GxB][Kinetic][Light Sci-fi][FREE]

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Ex Astris 06 [GxB][Kinetic][Light Sci-fi][FREE]

#1 Post by Cera L. Hendry » Thu Jul 26, 2018 1:54 am

Ex Astris
Chapter 06

Creator Update:

I’m baaack! I’ve been plugging away at this project in the shadows these past few months and have made a lot of headway. Chapter 6 is well underway and I can now reveal the project will be 9 chapters in total. All of the story writing and scripts have been completed, and so all that’s left to do for the remaining 4 instalments are artwork and coding. (Which is still quite a bit of work, but also a lot less work!)

Needless to say, I’m pretty chuffed that I can see light at the end of this very long and lonely tunnel. XD My aim is to have all chapters of Ex Astris released by the middle of next year. That includes polishing up some of my older chapters, removing the outdated choice systems etc.



Previous chapter downloads:

Set in a ‘near-future’ on a fictional world, Ex Astris follows the story of Lanis Rosenberg, a newly graduated doctor working in the Loennian military. Doubtful of her abilities to cope in the army and lost with her direction in life, Lanis’ world is suddenly turned upside-down when she is transferred to the secretive, militaristic nation of Xian. There, she is assigned to a subject named A-28 'Ash'. An emotionless, unstable, biologically engineered soldier and her opposite in every way…

Desperate to land a blow against the regime keeping its citizens prisoners in their own country, Grey and the rebels begin to extract the stolen data stored on Unit A-28’s brain chip, only to unwittingly awaken a demon from the past that threatens to destroy everything they’re worked towards from the inside.

Release date: August
Format: Episodic / Kinetic Visual Novel
Engine: RenPy
Genre: Light Sci-Fi / Drama / GxB / Supernatural
Platform: PC/Mac/Linux
Duration: Short

You can follow Ex Astris, my other projects and myself at the following places:
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