Tension [Mystery][Supernatural/Urban Fantasy][Horror]

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Tension [Mystery][Supernatural/Urban Fantasy][Horror]

#1 Post by SticksnTricks » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:19 pm

Nothing in this demo or Synopsis is final. Everything is a subject to change. This is a very rough alpha build to showcase my experience in Ren'py.

I hope to offer players a chance to have a unique experience that will make for an interactive adventure game than a typical visual novel with a dynamic trait system, diverse paths and directions one can take as they continue throughout the course of the game.

Tension is an Urban Fantasy, mystery and horror visual novel taking place in Manhattan New York. Adrian Cole, a young human with an extraordinary gift, left Salem to find some semblance of purpose in life, reunites with his friends, also specially gifted, after seven years apart. Moving to the big city to pursue his future in NYU for the fall, he spends the summer rekindling the old fires of companionship.

The first few weeks were phenomenal, despite the city being gripped in fear. A series of murders had been occurring in Manhattan; each as gruesome as the last, and every one of them committed by a different perpetrator. It wasn't until one day when one of their own goes missing, do they find themselves embroiled in something dark, primal, twisted that is nested deep in the heart of the concrete jungle.

Feeling themselves now involved, they seek to unearth the deadly atrocities that has swept across the cities. Along the way, they soon discover that the world is more extraordinary, and more terrifying, than they actually realize. With tensions running high, and lives at stakes, these six extraordinary friends must do what they can to survive the ordeals they are forced to endure.

There are no character portraits here at the time.

Adrian: Human, 6 feet tall, age 22. Body size: Medium. Body build: defined
The central protagonist. A guy who’s always so quick tempered, even for Charlie’s standards to come to the aid of others. Passionate, and defensive, he tends to stick up for his peers, especially Jayce. The problem is, he can be overly angry and aggressive, and biting off more than he can chew, stemming from having a loss in a family in which he blames himself for. This is reinforced after he and the group suffered another tragedy when a seventh friend died. It takes a while for someone like him to cool down. Adrian’s little quirk does help him getting out of fights (at the expense of outing himself out.) He can draw fire from his body or his surroundings to use to his advantage.

Charlie: Husky, 6 foot 2, age 23. Body size: Big. Body build: strong
The de-facto leader of the group. Also, the muscle. Charlie acts like the typical overly affectional, playful and loyal canine. Though his unnatural inhumane strength and durability makes him a force to be reckoned with when mad. When you see him pick up a car or a vending machine, watch out. However, he never really likes to fight. He finds no sense taking part in a fist-fight that he knows he can win. But it is easy to get him mad and start throwing things about. He and Adrian were best friends growing up and was the last to leave Salem.

Mike: Monitor lizard, 5 foot 11, age 19. Body size: Medium. Body build: defined.
Mike can be quite the recluse. It is hard for a guy like him to make friends. He can be very scary and intimidating. The lizard generally comes off as an asshole, but that is not particularly his fault. Before he moved to Salem, he had a rough time adjusting to the environment after getting out of a rather violent one that left him heartbroken one too many times. More painful when he can see bits of the future when he focuses on his thoughts. Since meeting Charlie and the others though, he hardly felt that kind of anxiety or fear.

Jayce: Tabby cat, 5 foot 6, age 20. Body size: medium-light. Body build: Average.
A tabby with one too many hardships himself to deal with. Coming from a broken family with an abusive father, Jayce was never really good at socializing. His only escape is his trait, which lets him phase through walls. He would often do this to hide from his dad’s beatings and drunken rampages. Heather and Adrian always looked out for him when he came to Salem. Being the quiet inept kid, he became a target of bullying.

Corva: Raven, 5 foot 5, age 22. Body size: Light. Body build: average
Smart, intuitive, and collected. Corva is the brains and the voice of reason of the group. Though her hubris tends to earn her some ire with being the smart and collected type. Her affinity to exceed her own expectations and rise to the next level of what she is capable of tends to hurt a few folks. Albeit she never really means to. This extends to her ability to read others’ thoughts and tries to act on their emotions to try and help them. They never really work out.

Dave: Boar, 5 foot 10, age 19. Body size: big. Body build: soft.
Dave loves to game, do tech work, and sleep. He’s a geek and a tech genius. Most of the time he lounges around at home but will often go out when his friends are involved. He likes things that are familiar, that he can recognize, thigs close to home. Its hard for him to go out of his comfort zone. Despite that, his ability to project his consciousness outside his body gives him the freedom he never knew he had, all without being noticed. Though on rare occasions, he’d find himself inhabiting the body of another person. It always freaks him out.

Baxter: Wolf, 6 foot 1, 35 years old. Body size: big. Body build: Defined.
Secondary protagonist. A grizzled police detective of the NYPD tasked with investigating the murders on his end. A hard working, tired, efficient officer, as well as a husband and father; he’d never let a case go unsolved if it meant his own family would be on the line. Most folks would call him the kind of person who likes to live on the edge; getting involved in dangerous situations, marrying a shark lass and eating piping-hot curry from a bowl. On the job, he is always serious and always active. Outside the force, he is just another family man doing his best to make due. He was born with the ability to see distortions in atmosphere that are based off of whatever emotions that were expressed moments before a person's death. Focusing his eyesight, his sixth sense develops into what is a most efficient investigation method.

Tennyson: Human, 5 foot 9, 27 years old. Body size: medium. Body build: average.
Villain protagonist and the most enigmatic figure. Owner of the most prestigious organization dedicated to networking and media ever devised in the modern age.
Tennyson has no background and no aspirations. His only interest is ‘all living beings,’ and how he drives the actions of others along as if they were chess pieces for his grand board game of… whatever. He has no powers that can be determined, but he is powerful in many different ways. However, he finds himself In one game where it would not be so easy for the likes of him to influence. If there is one thing he hates, is being a pawn.

Download for the alpha demo is below.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/0dkl9xmo9j1if ... c.zip?dl=0

If you have any questions, any at all, please feel free to ask.

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