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Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 4:50 pm
by Dovahkitteh
12/17 Update

Randal's Route completed!
Let’s start with something exciting: Randal’s route (or “mentorship story”) is now finished!!

Last night, Dovah finished the final scene in Randal’s “special ending,” the unique unlockable finale to each route. Then he scrolled back up and realized how many damn choices are in previous scenes.

The story flow and atmosphere of Randal’s path changes a great deal based on one’s choices in the “main storyline,” as well as choices made in-route. What does this mean? It means that each playthrough has the potential to see different sides of Randal, his followers, and even the MC themself.

And as for the adult content–like we said in the Kickstarter campaign, we hope you’re ready for it.

Next up: Heath’s route! let the emotional torment begin~


Art Update

Here are some more sneak peeks of pose variations for the main cast, including arm and head changes!

Randal being pissed about something

Heath daydreaming about something

RE:H Crack Theories

Meanwhile, on our Discord server, fans have been coming up with some wild and entertaining ideas for how RE:H’s story and characters will turn out.

Some especially fun ones include:
  • Heath is Judas
  • Heath is not Judas
  • Markus is Judas
  • Markus developed and founded “Hello Kitty”
  • Randal is Jesus
  • Randal loves hamburgers
Hmm…we’re sensing a trend here.

If you want to join in the fun (and get access to the “crack theories” doc), join us on Discord!!

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:00 pm
by Dovahkitteh
12/28 Update: Heath route progress, music teaser, in-game convo survey!

We hope everyone's been enjoying the holidays! Check out today's updates and stay tuned for something special on New Year's...

Heath Route Progress

Heath's route is underway, going through a fair number of revisions and changes to preserve a specific "feel." His route is probably the most difficult to write, simply because of the headspace required to accurately get that "feel," but the end product will be worth it--and most likely very unexpected.

In between writing parts for Heath's route, Dovah will also be writing some of the in-game conversations the MC can choose from during the common route. See the survey at the bottom for more details!

Heath's secondary pose WIP

Music Teaser

Enjoy the third music teaser from the RE:H original soundtrack--this time featuring a snippet from the "Club" track!

In-Game Character Questions Survey!

If you have a few minutes, please fill out this short survey of questions you'd like to see RE:H characters answer in-game!

For context: These questions will be part of common-route conversations that you can have in between main missions. The MC can choose to visit a variety of areas and chat/catch up with the main cast, as well as various side characters who will appear later on.

Be warned, some questions may not receive full answers from certain characters!

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:13 pm
by Dovahkitteh
Happy New Year from Argent Games!

The two of us at Argent Games want to thank you so much for your support in 2018, especially for RE:H. We have big plans ahead for 2019, and we hope you all will be along for the ride!

As a small token of our appreciation, please enjoy this small wallpaper/piece of promo art done by sabay-d-der from DeviantArt! We'll leave the interpretations up to you~

(Click for full size!)

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:50 pm
by Dovahkitteh
Today’s update includes some exciting RE:H teasers, and the announcement for the next in-character Q&A day!

Heath’s Route over 55% complete!
Heath’s route is now over 55% complete, with progress rate significantly ramped up after the holidays ended.

The atmosphere and pacing is shaping up to be remarkably different from Randal’s, which should prove to be a very interesting contrast…

Ideally, his route should be finished by the end of the month, and in February Dovah can start focusing on Markus’ route, the common route, and various conversations!

What could Heath possibly be confessing...?

Music Teaser
Our music teaser for today is a snippet of the relaxed ambient track, which you’ll hear during moments that aren’t overly grim or dark (and they do exist!).

Art Update
We haven’t shown off any background teasers yet, so let’s take a sneak peek at somewhere you haven’t seen yet…


And another pose for our rebellious friend Randal. (Please send your thoughts and prayers to our artist sh00, who’s now drawn these tattoos in just about every position. )


Next Character Q&A
The next in-character RE:H Q&A session will take place two weeks from today, on February 1st!

In-character Q&As take place on our Discord server. Everyone can ask the main cast questions live via text, and they’ll type out their responses!

We’ll put a reminder in the next two blog posts, but start thinking up questions now!

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:29 pm
by Dovahkitteh
Heath update, your RE:H questions answered, art update! Also: In-character Q&A moved to TOMORROW 10 PM EST/GMT-5 on Discord!

Heath’s Route over 66% complete!
Heath's route is over 2/3 complete! Due to some recent relocation and moving, there've been some brief script delays, but things are resuming their normal pace.


Ask Box Answers
With the recent addition of our ask box, we've received quite a few questions about RE:H! Here's the compilation of this week's questions. Submit your own for next week!

(Note: If you don't see your submitted question answered here, it was most likely either spoiler-y or something better discovered in-game.)

Red Embrace: Hollywood Related Questions
In RE:H, will we get a lot of in-game lore and world building, or will most of it be assumed knowledge as the prior game is set in the same 'world'?
There are definitely elements of new vampire lore that occur during the common and character routes. However, the majority of lore tidbits--both in regard to vampires and other characters--can be picked up from optional side conversations. No prior knowledge about the original RE is needed, although you'll catch a few fun (and not so fun) references if you've played the first game.
So there will be NSFW scenes, yes? If so, will they be very detailed or...?
Yes, there are NSFW scenes--and yes, they go into explicit detail, similar to those in CoB and Requiescence. Some parts have somewhat vague wording to be suitable for trans or enby MCs, but rest assured--there will be all the detail you could ask for, and even more that you didn't ask for.
Ok but does one of the RE:H boys wear eyeliner or naw?
Randal does indeed wear eye makeup (in no small part inspired by rock 'n rollers/metal bands of the era and earlier).
Do Randal's tattoos mean anything?
They all have personal significance to him, but it might be more revealing to look at them as a whole, rather than individually...
Does Markus sell porn videos in his shop?
Of course. If you choose to spend time there, you'll become acquainted with timeless films such as "It Came In Outer Space: A Titillating Tale of Erotic Horror!"
What kind of flowers does Heath prefer to smell like?
Anemone blooms.
Who's the one into anime and, which anime is it?
Although he wouldn't be an avid watcher, Randal's likely seen a few shows, since his diverse clan exposes him to a lot of new things. His favorite is probably Samurai Pizza Cats.
What scents would you ascribe to each character?
Markus: Dust, latex, and air pollution.
Randal: The smell of other people, a faint tinge of motor oil, and dried blood.
Heath: Light cologne covering hints of cigarette smoke.
Saorise: Newspapers.

General Question
How long does it take to make one of your games?
It depends greatly on the scope of the project. They've taken anywhere from one month (YDD) to nearly a year (CoB), with most of that time sunk into art or voice acting--the two most time consuming components.

Art Update

Another background sneak peek, this time at somewhere rebellious MCs might spend a lot of time in...


The Red Queen is also getting some new pose changes.


Q&A TOMORROW (2/1) at 10:00 PM EST/GMT-5

The in-character RE:H Q&A session will take place tomorrow, on February 1st! Stop by any time between around 10-11 PM EST/GMT-5.

In-character Q&As take place on our Discord server. Everyone can ask the main cast questions live via text, and they'll type out their responses!

If you can't make the time, don't worry--we'll post a transcript of the answers for next week's update! Feel free to also use our ask box for any questions you can't get answered live.

Also, in order to accommodate our non-U.S. friends, we'll have the next Q&A (date TBA) in the morning EST.

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:31 pm
by Dovahkitteh
2/8 Update: Music teaser, art update, more asks, Q&A recap!

Today’s post includes a snippet of the action track, some answered questions about the demo and NSFW scenes, and a BG/sprite teaser!

Music Teaser
Let’s start off with a music teaser! Today’s clip is from the action track, which you’ll hear during heated fights, chases, and various bloody vampire shenanigans.

Ask Box Answers
While we covered a lot of questions during last Saturday’s Q&A, we got a couple more this week from our ask box.

If you have any questions of your own you’d like to ask us (about RE:H or any of our other games), don’t hesitate to send them in!
When will you update the [RE:H] demo?
We will most likely update it close to release (~3 weeks or so out) with new sprites/BGM/various edits.
So there will be NSFW scenes, yes? If so, will they be very detailed or...?
Yes, there are NSFW scenes--and yes, they go into explicit detail, similar to those in CoB and Requiescence. Some parts have somewhat vague wording to be suitable for trans or enby MCs, but rest assured--there will be all the detail you could ask for, and even more that you didn't ask for.
Will we have the option to disable or skip NSFW scenes?
Most definitely. Romance is optional to begin with, and NSFW scenes are optional even in romantic routes–the MC has to explicitly choose (fairly obvious) options that lead to it. The NSFW scenes do provide interesting character insight, but they’re certainly not essential for understanding the story.

Art Update

Backgrounds are nearing completion–there are only two left to finish!

Take a peek at a place with a moody view of Hollywood, in the meantime~


Our sprite artist is still working on more alternative character poses (including some characters who are still a secret). They’re all quite lovely so far!

Let’s not forget Markus’ third and final pose, either–


Q&A Recap

Last Saturday’s Q&A was a blast! Thank you to everyone who joined in on our Discord server to ask questions and participate. (For those unaware: During in-character Q&As, everyone can ask the main cast questions live via text, and they’ll type out their responses!)

Thanks to Discord users Radactyl and CipherMeisa, you can read the Q&A transcript here. Witness the cast’s reactions to questions about crushes, languages, planets, butt freckles, and more~

There will be at least one more Q&A before RE:H’s release, and the next one will take place at a time more suitable for those not in the U.S. timezones. Make sure to keep an eye out for the announcement when it happens!

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 11:02 am
by Dovahkitteh
Happy Valentine's Day...


...from a very special lady in RE:H who just can't wait to meet you.

(Click the picture for a full-size wallpaper link!)

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 1:16 pm
by Dovahkitteh
2/18 Update: Heath update, character poses, BGs 100% completed, some asks!

Heath Route Update

The writing for Heath's route is nearing completion, with only a few scenes left.

It continues to have the most difficult and emotionally challenging scenes to write thus far, but now that the "climaxes" are over, wrapping up the route should be relatively smooth sailing.


Character Poses

Our magnificent artist Sh00 continues to work on alternate character poses! A number of them are characters you haven't seen yet, although we may tease snippets as they come along...

But in the meantime, enjoy a new pose for our pensive Red Queen, who is no doubt contemplating your fate.


BGs 100% Complete

We've now reached full completion of all RE:H backgrounds! Thanks to the additional work of the talented DAM NA, the game will feature a wide range of colorful, moody, atmospheric BGs that seek to immerse you in the vampiric underworld of Los Angeles.

Many of the BGs are rife with subtle details that pertain to the story or the times, with very few elements that are merely coincidental or randomly chosen. And, if the MC is a Golgotha, they may even notice some strange features emerging before their eyes...


Asks and Answers

Here are a couple more questions from our public ask box! If you have any questions whatsoever about RE:H (or any of our other games), feel free to send them in.

Q: Will the MC be able to meet the one who turned them in the future? If so, will it be a romance relationship or otherwise?

A: The MC may well encounter the one who turned them in another meeting. It won't be a romantic connection, at least in the traditional sense, but the player is free to interpret the encounter as they please.

Q: How does Rivian feel about winning the Argent Hunger Games?

This question is in reference to a fun mini-event on the Argent Games Discord server where users pitted AG characters against each other.


Somehow, despite his pampered, wine-drinking, sweets-gobbling nature, Rivian managed to pull out a victory. He feels quite smug about this, no doubt.

Join our community on Discord for more fun shenanigans!

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:18 pm
by Dovahkitteh

I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 10:31 pm
by Dovahkitteh
3/1 Update: Heath route COMPLETE! Music + BG teasers, Abbey Road recap

Heath Route Complete!

Heath’s route is finally finished! On Wednesday, Dovah brought the rollercoaster to a close.

It explores some themes a few of you have already noticed, while also delving into others you might not expect. Heath’s personality is also slightly altered from his demo self (the demo sections will be updated later on)–the most noticeable changes make him a little less brazen and instead more subtle.

Next up: Markus’ route! It’s already in the early stages. Once his route is finished, there’s just some remaining common route, ending epilogues, and side conversations to write. Those shouldn’t be too difficult to write, though.


Music Teaser

We’ve got another music teaser for you today! This one is of our “Tension” tracks, which will be appropriately played during moments that are…tense.

BG Teaser

While BGs are complete, we’ll continue to post a few more teasers to keep your appetites whetted.

This teaser, however, can mostly speak for itself.


Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:39 pm
by Dovahkitteh
3/8 Update: Markus route update, BG+Backer Sprites teasers, Ask answers

Markus Route Update

After the completion of Heath’s route last week, Dovah has moved on to Markus’ story, which is already proving to be an interesting experience.

As some of you may have already guessed, Markus’ route is intended to be played last, though it isn’t necessarily the “true” route. It does, however, solve a few interesting plot points that arise in the other characters’ routes.

And of course, it may delve into plenty of places you weren’t expecting.


Backer Characters Teaser

Our artist Sh00 has started on sketches for the backer characters! They’re shaping up fantastically and will add more than a little color to in-game side conversations~

Have a little taste of two new friends you’ll meet…


BG Teaser

In RE:H, you’ll be venturing to a number of different places–some of them sleek or glamorous, others…less so.

Let’s take a look at one of the “not-so-nice” locales.


Ask answers

We have a couple of questions from our (Ask Box) for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything AG related.

Will Red Embrace ever have a free version with ads?

A: While we probably won’t make free/ad versions of our mobile games, we are planning to look into a paid/timed chapter system in the future. Hopefully we can work something out by the end of this year!

Would you say that Red Embrace: Hollywood is going to be your longest game in terms of gameplay length?

A: Most definitely. A single route playthrough should be longer than Chess of Blades without question, but each route can (and should) be replayed multiple times–you’ll see new content and get a better understanding of the characters/story.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much longer the game will be right now–especially since the length will vary greatly depending on the player’s choices–but once the script is finished, keep an eye out for a word count~

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 6:50 pm
by Dovahkitteh
3/15 Update: Markus route 30% complete, Sprite teasers, Ask answers

Markus Route Update

Markus' route is nearing 1/3 complete! After some initial outlining, progress has sped up considerably.

You can expect to see a number of interesting references to other routes within Markus', although they may not unravel completely until you've finished the special endings...


Sprite Teasers

The end is finally in sight for sprites--all that remains are a few backer characters and some final expressions. Exciting, right?

For now, let's take a look at the WIP sketches for a couple of new backer characters! Like the previous pair, these two will pop up for a chat or two in-game, adding some more dynamic personalities to the vampiric underworld.


And then, a finely-groomed Iscari agent who may appear now and then, enforcing his employer's requests...


Ask answers

We have a few questions from our (Ask Box) for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything AG related.

Q: Do you plan to release additional (minor/side) character routes via DLC for RE:H later?

A: Most likely not, but we may consider it based on how some characters are received. The two major female characters would be the most likely to get side routes, but Saorise's would be purely platonic/friendship focused.

Q: Can I ask how big RE:H's cast is?

A: There are eight major characters (excluding the MC), ten minor/supporting characters (with sprites), and several more who don't appear on screen, but still factor into the story.

You probably won't (and maybe can't?) meet all of them every playthrough, so remember to hang out at different spots~

Q: Are vampires capable of surviving under water?

A: Yes! Vampires in the RE:H universe have absolutely no need to breathe, although many of them continue to mime it (including sighs, gasps, etc.) either consciously or subconsciously.

A permanently soggy vampire could potentially get pretty gross, though.

Q: Do you know how much is Red Embrace: Hollywood going to cost or not yet?

A: We're currently guessing around $17 or $18, but as the word count and total game length are still TBA, that estimate isn't set in stone yet.

On mobile, all the routes (and potentially individual chapters for the routes) will have the option to be individually purchasable.

Q: Would it be too spoilery to ask what kind of NSFW things to expect in the different routes?

A: The NSFW content in RE:H is not particularly kink-focused--or at least, not in any traditional sense. It is, however, definitely unique, and the player's perception of the scenes may differ greatly based on their choices...

And let's not forget, two corpses flopping against each other is a recipe for an interesting time.

Q: When is a "rogue vampire" considered a "rogue vampire"? Our sire is called that in the demo by Saorise.

A: When Saorise says a "rogue vampire" in the demo, she's referring to any vampire who isn't affiliated with her organization (without going into technicalities, since MC is still new).

Prior to the events of RE:H, the vampiric Houses of L.A. were all ruled by Saorise, including the Mavvar and Golgotha. Even after the war broke out, some Mavvar and Golgotha remained loyal to her, which is why the Iscari organization remains so strong. Therefore, Saorise sees all the vampires who decided to rebel (or claim to be unaffiliated) as having "gone rogue," as they technically are the minority.

There's no official definition across all vampiric society, though. For example, in the original RE, Bishop would've seen any vampire in San Fran outside of his official coven as a "rogue."

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:22 pm
by Dovahkitteh
3/22 Update: Markus route almost 50%, more sprite updates, music teaser!

Markus Route: Nearing 50% Complete!

Progress on the script for Markus' route continues, nearing the 50% mark! The route, much like Markus himself, is proving to be highly unpredictable and is developing in very...interesting ways.

Even the veteran VN players among you will be thrown a surprise or two, guaranteed. Of course, that's to be expected in a place like Hollywood.

Believe it or not, this is from one of the most serious scenes in his route.

Sprite Teasers

We have two more sprites for you today: a main/side character and a backer character! Say hello to these lovely ladies~

Main Character

Some of you may remember this fabulously-dressed girl from our Valentine's Day post...but who might she be?

"A charmer, I see. Real or fake, compliments are always nice to hear."

Backer Character

Another WIP for one of our backer characters, who has some truly fantastic hair. Where might she pop up?

She'll have a t-shirt design to come!

Music Teaser

Another music teaser for you today! This one is a little different from the others, as more of an eerie ambiance than a traditional song. Don't get too scared.

Ask answers

We have a question from our (Ask Box) for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything AG related.

Q: Will we ever be able to pre-order RE:H?

A: We decided not to do pre-orders for RE:H. However, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam or follow us on to get notified of release!

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:23 am
by Decadenttia
I am totally in love with the artwork of this game. Is elegant, wonderful and powerful same time.
I downloaded the demo yesterday and I devoured it, so I also can tell the rest of the programming is exactly like the art: elegant, wonderful and powerful too.
Congratulations for the awesome results.

Re: Red Embrace: Hollywood [Vampire][Dark][GxB/BxB/NBxB][DEMO]

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:16 pm
by Dovahkitteh
3/29 Update: Markus 2/3rds complete, more sprite updates, music teaser!

Markus Route: Two-Thirds Complete!

Markus' route is cresting past the 2/3rds complete mark! At this pace it should be set to finish in the next week or two.


It's difficult to discuss it too much without spoilers, but there's one line that encapsulates the route quite well.

One wonders.

Sprite Update

Sh00 has just about finished up all the non-backer characters' extra poses! Quite a few of them are for characters you haven't been properly introduced to, however, so we're keeping them under wraps for now.

Look out next week for more backer chars! In the meantime, we'll just drop a terrifying beast here.


More BGs?!

Remember how we said that all the BGs were finished? Well, it turns out we're adding in a couple more!

These additional BGs aren't used particularly often, but they're for important/frequent enough scenes to warrant some visual representation.

Since MC spends a decent amount of time traveling around L.A., it made sense to have a car interior BG--so here's our current WIP!


Ask answers

We have a question from our (Ask Box) for you this week! Feel free to send in your queries about anything RE:H or AG related.

Q: Which vampire gives the nicest hugs?

A: This is probably a subjective question. Randal gives the biggest bear hugs, which would be delightfully warm if he were still alive.

Heath gives gentle but firm hugs, and has a penchant for resting his chin on the other person's shoulder.

Markus, despite being bony, is perfectly capable of giving decent hugs. But he usually abstains--such lewd affections are unbecoming of him.

Decadenttia wrote:
Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:23 am
I am totally in love with the artwork of this game. Is elegant, wonderful and powerful same time.
I downloaded the demo yesterday and I devoured it, so I also can tell the rest of the programming is exactly like the art: elegant, wonderful and powerful too.
Congratulations for the awesome results.
Thanks for the lovely feedback! <3