Death Roulette: July Chapter [Horror] [Mystery] [High School]

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Death Roulette: July Chapter [Horror] [Mystery] [High School]

#1 Post by JamieDW » Sun Sep 09, 2018 6:18 pm

Please see the post for the previous chapter since this is part of an episodic visual novel
Link: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=46302
Poster 2 - July.png

Following the abduction case of Inoue Shinozaki and Kyou Kirisaki, both the students of MSCI and the authorities are left baffled by the culprit's actions and motives. Thus, the case remains open at present and days pass with barely any leads.

Only known as "L.C.," the mysterious figure draws the strings from behind the scenes, covering up their tracks while still being able to carry out the deadly game. Life goes on for the MSCI students and staff...

...Until L.C. decides to reveal himself at an inappropriate time. And one name is mentioned:

...Student Council President Sayo Ronoroa...
Alright, enough of the robotic stuff. Jamie here! :D I know it's almost a year since I released the first chapter of this ten-part VN. For "July Chapter," I've basically changed some the UI from the previous chapter and added a few more effects to enhance the atmosphere. This one is much shorter than the last, lasting around 30,000 words and should take you 2-3 hours to complete. It's a kinetic novel, much akin to Higurashi and such.
As always, you can experience the story without having to pay anything. It's for you, guys. :) The game is currently in post-beta phase, and expect a release later or tomorrow, depending on the end of the upload.
Please support the VN and see it to the end. I'll be open for feedback and any comments/suggestions. I'm not giving any year deadline like I did with my previous post. I just realized I'll be doing a rush job.

Special Thanks:
SPRITES: KHMix (for the IICharacter_Alpha sprite generator); it makes my characters expressive by emotion
MUSIC: Eric Matyas (, Kevin MacLeod (, Robert Austin
BGs: Uncle Mugen/mugenjohncel

Note: Contains copyrighted music
Besides, what interest is there?
It's not as if everyone is going to care, anyway.

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