Unofficial film(not poem) basaed "half cousin" to DDLC in progress (not mod)

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Settle for Pocky
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Unofficial film(not poem) basaed "half cousin" to DDLC in progress (not mod)

#1 Post by Settle for Pocky » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:25 pm

(hopefully it's ok to put a subreddit link, since I'm not looking for any crowdfunding)

I worried about this being looked at as a DDLC clone, but really just jumping off of the feeling of the environment around the main character slowly breaking down. I don't want to super bloat this will all of the story elements, but basically they show their films that they made each week (with a theme each week) along with a lecture on the super super basics of certain aspects of film (shots, difference in ISO/shutter speed/F-stop, lighting, sound, etc.), so it can be looked at as somewhat educational game as well. The whole game leads up to the making of a film festival but things go wrong...very wrong.
Trying to not have it be the "oh she's crazy and going to slice everyone up," and so like what I have.

It's called the "Sencha Cinema Society" for now.

I'm about 5,000 lines of dialogue into it, but started this project in late july, so I'm trying to plow through this (having fun as I go of course)

Let me know what you think. I'm learning all of this as I go so maybe some of the issues I run into may help others.
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Re: Unofficial film(not poem) basaed "half cousin" to DDLC in progress (not mod)

#2 Post by gekiganwing » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:01 pm

Fiction is iterative. People get inspired by books, movies, comics, etc, and then make their own. That said, I want to encourage you to write a story that reflects your interests. Think about how you can shape your VN into something more than DDLC with movies. Here is why...

* You can probably think of something you have read which seemed like an imitation of an imitation. There was a good idea years ago, but it was followed by published works that focused on spectacle over substance. (For instance, Star Wars had many influences, but it became a surprise hit in 1977. Then there was a decade of rather similar fantasy and space opera fiction.)

* I think writers benefit from reading outside their favorite genres. For example, look at a few shonen demographic (or seinen demographic) romance comics written more than 20 years ago. Look for fiction about people creating amateur or professional movies. Search for films that convey their time and place. Find books that could challenge you.

* Characterization matters. I can think of a few personal favorite stories where a major character is powerful and resilient. But how did they become that way? Are they learning anything as the story unfolds? Are they growing as people?

One more piece of advice... Write specific things you liked about Doki Doki Literature Club. Then write specific things you liked in at least one other piece of fiction.

Settle for Pocky
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Sencha Cinema Society (Possible inspiration for others?)

#3 Post by Settle for Pocky » Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:33 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm starting a VN and learning as I go along. I don't want to promote the game as much as I want to have people watch a new person somewhat struggle through the process.

I hope it may some people hope/motivation to take that first step to see someone who is just starting off as well.

I'll be on twitch a lot for this (sencha_cinema_society). I'm trying to not make this about promoting my specific game (and you can take this off if need be)

I'm using: Photoshop, Ren py, notebook (mac), Primere, possibly blender and film equipment in general.

I would say the only advantage I have currently is that I was able to get a great artist for the project and that I've already been working on the project (no where near done).

Aside from that if this can get just one of you off your butts and go for it, it would be all worth it.

take care,


If this sin't the right section to put this in (or if it should be put in anywhere haha) let me know

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Re: Sencha Cinema Society (Possible inspiration for others?)

#4 Post by Offworlder » Fri Nov 23, 2018 10:08 pm

My advice is to actually post progress on your project in this forum. Not everyone uses Twitch, so just offhandedly mentioning that you'll be streaming from there may not be helpful for some. Although, I would at least recommend adding a link to your channel. Posting only a username would require someone going out of their way to find you, potentially even having to navigate a website they aren't familiar with. Most people probably won't bother. Even folks who know nothing of Twitch would likely consider clicking a direct link if it was conveniently in your first post.

Watching other new folks go through the process of developing a project can definitely be super motivating, but not if we can't see what you've done. The 'Works in Progress' forum is meant to showcase various aspects of a specific project's development as one goes along. For the most part, all you've done here is mention that you're working on a project. You don't give any information about it, so you aren't providing a compelling reason for anyone to follow you.

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Re: Sencha Cinema Society (Possible inspiration for others?)

#5 Post by bobconway » Sat Nov 24, 2018 9:49 am

I think you previously had a topic here? For updates on your game itself, it's usually better to update your existing topic:

But I second Offworlder. You need more content *here*.

In addition, a video/stream is not always the best way to provide inspiration to others, because video is often a high barrier to content, and people can't easily "jump in" later. Might I recommend a blog instead, linked from your profile? You can then post game updates in your game's thread, with pointers to your blog where you've done a particularly interesting or noteworthy thing.

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