The Alchemist [fantasy] [RPG] [Visual Novel] [Romance] [Combat] [Crafting]

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The Alchemist [fantasy] [RPG] [Visual Novel] [Romance] [Combat] [Crafting]

#1 Post by Dharker » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:41 am



The Alchemist is an RPG with a heavy focus on character and world building, with a large array of NPC's, creatures and other things to get to know for good or ill. But we aren't ignoring the play part either. Your aim is to become a Master Alchemist, by exploring the Great Wilderness where you will fight monsters, search for ingredients to craft potions & items that will be sold in your shop. All the while gaining knowledge and experience as you hunt for the Philosophers Stone.


Your base of operations, where you live and work is Wilder Village, from here you can meet villagers, craft potions, take on an apprentice, open your own shop all to aid you in earning money to increase your skills and gain better equipment to make surviving the wilderness easier. Gradually gaining more knowledge so that you can craft more potions and eventually become a master Alchemist.


From here you can also explore the wilderness, where there are an array of locations to find and explore, where you will meet creatures, strange people, random events and gather the necessary items and ingredients you need for your work whilst also unravelling many mysteries that remain in this uncharted area of the world.


The game includes a huge variety of characters within the village, who you can make friends with and even have an intimate relationship with if you get to know them well enough. Plus a huge array of creatures to encounter out in the wilderness as well.


The game will also include a variety of systems and mini games to complete as you play:
  • Experience & Leveling
  • Fishing Mini-games
  • Horse Riding & Racing
  • Creature Combat
  • Exploring Locations
  • Crafting Potions & Items
  • Spell Magic & Scrolls
  • Inventory & Equipment

We don't currently have a release schedule for the game, as this is a large game with a lot of content so we want to work on it gradually. We do however already have several artists, writers and developers working on progressing the various systems and lore of the game and we do have a stable alpha build of the game being worked on.

If you want to get more information on this game, you could checkout our Patreon campaign,
We post daily art posts and regular news posts on the campaign, as well as grant steam keys for our games (link below in signature).

Previously Dharker Studios has released many games with this same art style such as:

- Negligee
- Galaxy Girls
- Negligee: Love Stories

We also have several visual novel games due for release in the coming months:

- My Girlfriend
- My Senpai
- Battle of the Bands

Details on all of these plus this larger Alchemist Fantasy RPG can be found on our Patreon campaign.

Dharker Studios
DharkerStudio Games on Patreon

- Daily Art Posts
- Regular WIP Sketches
- Weekly Polls
- Monthly Competitions
- Game Keys for Patrons

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Re: The Alchemist [fantasy] [RPG] [Visual Novel] [Romance] [Combat] [Crafting]

#2 Post by CaptainTenno » Thu Jan 31, 2019 10:29 pm

Very interesting concept, and the art really is exceptional. May I ask - what tech stack do you use in your games?

Some engine perhaps/other programming languages? To integrate the "combat and crafting" mechanics you mention in description into the narrative I mean. It can't be only Python, right?

Im currently making my first project on RenPy - and now thinking of adding elements of stat management sim. So it would be great if you, senpais, would help me with some insights on such matters :)

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Re: The Alchemist [fantasy] [RPG] [Visual Novel] [Romance] [Combat] [Crafting]

#3 Post by Piper » Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:52 pm

Great art and amazing concept! I especially like the design of the fire elemental. ^^ Hoping for the best for the project!

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Re: The Alchemist [fantasy] [RPG] [Visual Novel] [Romance] [Combat] [Crafting]

#4 Post by Bryy » Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:46 am

I wish you luck.

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