Timef**k [Romance Eroge Satire] [Free / Patreon]

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Timef**k [Romance Eroge Satire] [Free / Patreon]

#1 Post by omniwang » Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:37 pm

Hey, I'm working on the third major update for my game. You can get it through Itch.io, GameJolt, or over Patreon. I'm linking Itch.io because it's the prettiest host, but support it on Patreon if you like (patreon.com/omniwang)
TimeF*** is a Visual Novel adventure that's basically Back to The Future meets Gumball meets Kana Imouto. Go back in time and crash your landlord's prom, go to the future and destroy the timeline! Meet girls in the past and present! Along the way you'll meet a band of pirates who are against stealing, a robot paywall enforcer, and maybe even the odd 3D model!

~Free to play
~Currently we're at a hard R, but moving up!
~Two main romantic interests per episode
~Branching outcomes for all relationships!
~2D characters, 3D characters, some random animation
-You can date a waffle
-Plenty of metajokes about Patreon, eroge history and present games

Patreon Stuff
-The more this is funded the more I can expand the art/animation and the faster it'll come out
-More characters! I really want to add a lot of random characters. If I can get the assets and you pitch it, it'll happen!
Episode One - All I wanted was to go back in time so I could have more time to study for a test so my teacher wouldn't beat me with a ruler, AGAIN! Instead I started causing paradoxes all over the place - my friends got all warped, an extortion-happy armored superhero took all my money, my favorite pizza place closed, and I didn't even get to bang any chicks before I got stranded in the past! Now I'm stuck here at my landlord's Enchantment Under The Sea prom night and I'm starting to worry I won't make it home!
Episode Two - Am I ever going to make it back home?! I overshot my return trip and now I'm stuck in the future! What's more, my dad is still mad at me for stealing his girlfriend and he's out for blood. I beat him before and can do it again, but he's got my friend on his side! And she can bend time just like I can! If I can win her back to my side, I know we can take him down again! And maybe then I can go home . . .
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Episode Three - Well, the professor told me I could break the timeline so much it collapsed into a single compressed moment, but this is crazy! Everything's gone all wrong and now I'm arrested by a really mean Time Cop! I'm not giving up. I have a plan. Every time I do a classmate's plotline I get a little stronger... What happens if I do them all? No harm in trying!

Give it a download, let me know what you think! Tell me your ideas, derail the plot! This is supposed to be a fun and hilarious game, so tell me what's working and what you'd want to see! Or jokes I'm missing!

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Re: Timefuck [Romance Eroge Satire] [Free / Patreon]

#2 Post by omniwang » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:55 pm

This release was pretty difficult but there's a ton more to do now! As before, this is somewhat like the plot of Back to the Future, so you can go back in time to the 80s and choose between two primary girls in this first episode - Gogo Tomago and Belle. Other girls include Entrapta and Nancy Drew (stylized as the twins Nancy and Drew from Venture Bros) and lots more with more content in the works for them. This release covers the first third of the game or 2 out of 5 relationship points from the main characters as well as two really cool cameos! We're still free to play, I want people to play what's here and give me some feedback. Some of the content may only become available for patreon subscribers, but so long as I have people to make the creation meaningful, I'll happily provide more content!

So, break the timeline, get stranded in the past, repair the time machine, go on a date, and get in over your head! Next episode will continue the arc here with a major event and the establishment of two future arcs with interesting minigames. If you ever played Ring Out! and Akabur's amazing games you'll like what's ahead!
Demo is on Patreon, Itch.io and Gamejolt! Please contribute and help me make this a bigger, more fun experience!




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