The Glass Coffin [BxB][Horror/Psychological/Romance][18+]

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The Glass Coffin [BxB][Horror/Psychological/Romance][18+]

#1 Post by renkka » Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:46 pm

Hello! My name is Ren (also known as Renkka), and I'm the writer and director of The Glass Coffin, a BxB visual novel with deep roots in psychological and horror themes. A beta of the demo has been submitted for the NaNoRenO 2019 Game Jam under the team name, Crystal Compass, with the release of the updated demo and full game scheduled for later this year.


Download the Demo (NaNoRenO Ver.)!

[UPDATE 3/31/19] The beta version of the demo is complete and submitted as an entry into the visual novel jam, NaNoRenO! As this is still a beta of the full demo, which will be released in the coming months, we will be accepting feedback on the current build. To help us improve the game and participate in the quality assurance process, please fill out the testing form​!


Professor Rei Sun is the ideal man—intelligent, good-looking, and successful. It isn’t until he meets the charming Dr. Jin Moon that the first cracks begin to appear on his seemingly perfect facade.

Genres: Psychological, Horror, Thriller, Romance (BxB), Mystery

Rating: M

Warnings: Explicit language and sexual content, depictions or mentions of violence, murder, suicide, alcohol, substance abuse, and other content that may be unsuitable for children and those who are easily disturbed. The game also includes flashing images and shaking screens.


Professor Rei Sun is paired with the well-renowned Dr. Jin Moon as part of the newly-introduced Loving Hearts Therapy Program at Kalroze National University. Although Rei is initially reluctant to participate, he's unable to resist the doctor's charms and agrees to become his first patient. The fateful connection between the two unearths dark and twisted secrets buried beneath the surface. Will Rei be able to confront the vengeful ghosts of the past or fall victim to his own mistakes?



Professor Rei Sun
Age: 28
Occupation: Professor, Department Chair of Philosophy

Professor Sun is the ideal man—intelligent, good-looking, and successful. What secrets are hidden behind his perfect facade?

"Like I always say, 'I'm here for money, not friends'. That's probably why I'm still single, though."

Personality: Calm, Intelligent, Reserved, Blunt, Confident, Judgmental

Background: Rei lead a fairly sheltered life, living in the world his parents created for him until he left for his undergraduate studies at Sylris College. Now a professor and the youngest Department Chair in the history of Kalroze National University, Rei has established a reputation as a well-respected and intelligent individual. Most of his life revolves around his work, with little to no time reserved for anything else.


Doctor Jin Moon
Age: 29
Occupation: Psychiatrist, Neurosurgeon

Dr. Moon is a man of many talents, one such being his ability to charm his way into anyone's heart. However, there's more to the charming doctor than meets the eye.

"I am but an ordinary man, Professor Sun."

Personality: Charming, Witty, Observant, Focused, Empathetic, Passionate

Background: As a member of the powerful Moon family, a major player in international and domestic business, Jin grew up with wealth and resources at his fingertips. As a result, he was able to attend the best schools in the country, eventually becoming both a licensed psychiatrist and neurosurgeon at a very young age. Jin is highly-coveted, both from a social and research standpoint.

Minor Characters

William Gizelle
Age: 62
Occupation: President of Kalroze National University
Personality: Charismatic, Outspoken, Intelligent, Ambitious, Assertive

William had a rocky life before becoming President of Kalroze National University. He was a college dropout who bounced from job to job. He eventually hit rock bottom, and it wasn't until he took control of his life that he was able to get to his position today.

Age: 42
Occupation: Student Admissions Advisor
Personality: Bold, Promiscuous, Flirtatious, Talkative, Thrill-seeking, Self-assured

Belle is one of Rei’s coworkers, who is known to sleep around and come onto attractive men in the office. She's bold and self-assured, knowing what cards to play to get what she wants.

Mr. Sun
Age: 44 at Death
Occupation: Neurosurgeon
Personality: ???

Rei's late father, who was one of Kalroze's most prized neurosurgeons. He was conducting extensive research on a rare brain disease when he passed away.

Mrs. Sun
Age: 45 at Death
Occupation: Neurosurgeon
Personality: ???

Rei's late mother, who was one of Kalroze's most prized neurosurgeons. She was unable to practice medicine after becoming ill and spent most of her time at home until she passed away with her husband.

Carillon Neurist
Age: ???
Occupation: Kalroze National University Provost
Personality: ???

Age: ???
Occupation: ???
Personality: ???

...and many, many more, all with their own secrets. Some took their secrets with them to their graves, while others carry them with them like extra baggage.

Curious to learn more about what everyone's hiding? Play the game to find out!

Arcrose City, Kalroze, Year 2022


Kalroze National University (KalNU)
Located on the top of a hill in the heart of Arcrose City, Kalroze National University is one of the most prestigious universities in all of Kalroze, with state-of-the-art facilities including its own research and business centers, performing arts theaters, residence halls, and sports stadiums. It also is the site of the second location of Coffee Planet, which is now one of Kalroze’s most successful coffee franchises.

Ever Peak Cabin
A modern and cozy cabin with lots of windows that overlook the gorgeous forest scenery and the nearby canyon. It has an open floor plan that connects the living room to the kitchen and dining area. It is equipped with an internal temperature and climate regulation system.

Ever Forest
A dense forest located about 2 hours away from the city. Running through the forest is the Evermoor mountain range and Ever Peak.

Ever Peak School of Medicine (Ever Peak)
Located in the Evermoor mountain range, this private school is one of the most elite medical schools in the world, its isolation from society helping its students succeed. It operates like its own town, with little movement in and out of the campus. It also snows half of the year here.

Sun Estate
The luxurious, yet eerie, home where Rei grew up. Rei spent most of his childhood in the estate’s study.

Sylris College
The college that Rei graduated from, located in the countryside in the northern region of Kalroze.

Game Modes
The game has 2 different modes, Normal and Explicit, which can only be selected upon starting the game and cannot be changed mid-game. You can have multiple save slots for different game modes. Both modes contain mature content (on differing levels) and are intended for adult audiences only. Explicit R18 scenes and illustrations are only included in Explicit Mode.


Player choices will affect Rei's personality through the following stats:
  • Chaos
  • Submission
  • Intuition
  • Love

Influence Jin's personality through a mystery stat! What happens when the gauge is maxed out?


Some choices will only affect one stat, while others may affect multiple. The Explicit Mode of the game has additional choices that the Normal Mode doesn't have, so be careful what decisions you make!

Certain combinations of these stats will result in different endings, some that may come early in the story.

Current Status

NaNoRenO Ver. (Demo Beta)
Writing: 100%
Editing: 100%
Programming: 100%
Sprites: 100%
CGs: 100%

Completed Demo
Writing: 80%
Editing: 80%
Programming: 80%
Sprites: 100% (Subject to Change)
CGs: 100% (Subject to Change)

[Update 3/31/19] An updated and improved demo of the game should be released in approximately 1-3 months and feature CG #2 that Eightway created.

  • 2 Gameplay Modes: Normal & Explicit
  • Game Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • 1.5 - 2 Hours of Gameplay (4 - 6 Hours for Full Ver. ONLY)
  • Original Character Art
  • Multiple Story Branches
  • Meaningful choices that affect the story & Rei's personality stats
  • R18 Scenes & Illustrations (Explicit Mode ONLY)
  • 25,000+ words of content (50,000+ words for Full Ver. ONLY)
  • 8+ endings (Full Ver. ONLY)
In-Progress Features

Stats Page
Ende has developed a stats page, where you can view the current stats for both Rei and Jin. Rei's expression will change depending on his stats.


CG Gallery
Ende has also developed a working CG gallery page, which we will be working together on refining for the completed demo. (CGs blurred to prevent spoilers! The locked images are currently just set to display the logo of the game, but we'll eventually update it to include a lock instead.)


[Update 3/31/19] The beta version of the demo is now complete and ready to submit for NaNoRenO! An updated and improved demo of the game should be released in approximately 1-3 months and feature CG #2 that Eightway created.


Directing, Writing, Editing, Narrative Design, Misc. Art Assets: Renkka
Character Art & Design: Eightway
Programming, Editing, Animation, Misc. Art Assets: Ende
Background Art: Uncle Mugen, Sei.Chan, Dousetsu
Quality Assurance: Ende, Weslee Mok





One of the above choices is only available if one of Rei's personality stats reaches a certain level.


Keep Up With Crystal Compass!

Download the Demo (NaNoRenO Ver.)! Happy playing!


Feel free to answer them all or only the ones you want to.

1. Have you played the NaNoRenO Ver. of The Glass Coffin? If so, what was your favorite thing about it? (Try to avoid major spoilers or flag them as such, if possible!)
2. Which character(s) are you most curious about?
3. What kinds of scenes do you expect out of the game? (Ex. I expect Rei to have a breakdown./I expect that Jin will have his glasses off for a scene.)
4. What features would you like to see most in the game?
Renkka (Crystal Compass)
Narrative Designer, Writer, Editor
-- Character Art by: Eightway (The Glass Coffin), MizuYukiiro (Honey Trap), YuukiPudding (Picture Perfect Romance)

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Posts: 63
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Projects: The Glass Coffin, Picture Perfect Romance, Mizari Loves Company, SSWK, Angels with Broken Hearts
Organization: Reine Works, Crystal Compass
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Re: The Glass Coffin [BxB][Horror/Psychological/Romance][18+]

#2 Post by renkka » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:47 pm

It's been a little over three months since The Glass Coffin has been released, and we've received amazing feedback, ratings/reviews, and support for the game! During the past few months, we've been making steady progress towards improvements on the game while taking the testing form submissions from our players into consideration.

In our most recent dev log, we announced that The Glass Coffin's character artist, Eightway, will be continuing with us for the full demo. Eightway will be creating more art, such as character sprites and CGs. One such additional art asset includes a sprite for one of the fan favorite characters, Belle.

We also revealed that our programmer, Ende, has been working hard to create more customized GUI, including a new title screen layout and preferences page. Previous updates also discussed the inclusion of a CG gallery and stats page. Ende has also been assisting with editing the script again, so I am currently in the process of those heavy revisions, as well as outlining and writing additional content.

Crystal Compass now also has a Patreon, with three tiers offering various benefits that allow our supporters to have sneak peeks into our development process.

For more detailed updates, please check out our dev logs on
- Dev Log #1 (Looking Forward)
- Dev Log #2 (Announcements)

You can also follow us on Twitter or for the latest updates on the game.


We'd like to thank everyone for supporting the game, and we're looking forward to sharing even better content with you in the new build of the game, scheduled for later this year. Please look forward to our next update, and don't forget to leave a rating/review if you enjoyed the game!
Renkka (Crystal Compass)
Narrative Designer, Writer, Editor
-- Character Art by: Eightway (The Glass Coffin), MizuYukiiro (Honey Trap), YuukiPudding (Picture Perfect Romance)

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