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Re: My Only Sunshine [Otome][GxB, GxG][Sci-Fi, Fantasy]

#1 Post by yoshibb » Wed May 08, 2019 7:27 pm



Please consider supporting us on Patreon!

What originally started as an ambitious NanoReno Project has blossomed into a full production so I figured I'd create a Work in Progress thread for it :D
Once every millennium, Sun holds a huge gathering of the planetary spirits. While Sun has found herself down in the dumps recently -- including a relationship with Terra (Earth) that is on the rocks and what she now considers a largely mundane, solitary existence -- she hopes that the get together will brighten things up. However, after Terra ruins her event with his reckless behavior, Sun decides it's time to play the field and chooses a new planetary partner.
Sun: The life force for the entire solar system, so she's very warm and loving. She loves these parties because she gets to spend time with everyone since the majority of the time she feels distant and lonely. She has no other stars to relate to and most planets see her as royalty rather than a friend.

Mercury: Male; has trouble relating and making friends, has mood swings, and covers up majority of body to hide scars, most scarred of planets (covers them up with his clothes), can be kind of dense

Venus: Male; rotates in opposite direction (likes to be different), self conceited, thinks he's extremely attractive, flirt, and is the only other planet that dated Sun (And his planet ended up becoming a poisonous wasteland so make of that what you will >.>')

Earth/Terra: Male; Borderline self destructive at this point, Everyone believes he's blessed to be dating Sun but he sees it as a burden, being the only planet that can support intelligent life is an incredible responsibility that he's become exhausted with. However, he still loves Sun, so he's conflicted on what to do.

Mars: Female; Volcanic with large dust storms (easy to anger and tough), No magnetic field (doesn't really like anyone, nor does she try to make friends), eccentric orbit path (gets in the way of others), Mars probably wants Sun's blessing the most out of anyone though and so would be happy to see Terra and Sun break up. She is nicer to Sun than she is to anyone else.

Jupiter: Male; The big brother of the planets, especially to Terra. He was the one who originally encouraged nervous Terra to talk to Sun after her breakup with Venus. He can be a bit full of hot air considering he's the largest and fastest of all the planets. While he's always been kind, over the last few millennia, he hasn't been as thorough in his protection (Jupiter often blocks asteroids headed for Earth)

Saturn: Female; most moons (popular), longest time to orbit the sun (lazy), flattest planet (tall, skinny), rings (in the past, hurt someone who got too close and now she doesn't want to risk the same happening again)

Uranus/Ur: Male; Self-conscious about the name, Tilted strangely, rotates the opposite way (has glasses, is a clutz, and Venus accuses him of being a copycat). Feels like there's nothing unique about him and doesn't understand why Sun gives him attention.

Neptune: Female; A bully to some and idol to others would have the potential to become truly evil if left to her own devices, but at the moment is more misunderstood because most assume she's nothing more than an ice storm ready to unleash on anyone at the drop of a hat. Despite that, she does work hard for the outer planets, with one notable exception...

Pluto: Male; Of course feels very left out - Distant from Sun. Sun is nice enough to invite him to every millennia party but he tends to get bullied by Neptune and the outer planets (the outies gang) not included in the 9 official planets recognized by Sun. Cold but in more of a sad way rather than a sinister one. Actions can be unpredictable, like its tilted and inclined orbit. Passive, small, and never tries to fight back against anyone who ridicules him.
Yoshibb - Artist, writer for prologue, Venus, Terra, and Jupiter
Empish - Writer for Ur, Pluto, Mars and Neptune
Runa - Writer for Mercury and Saturn
Sayumi101 - GUI designer
Antizaba - BG Artist
Tavian St. James - Music

Voice Acting Cast:

Sun - Ashe Thurman
Mercury - Kevin Thelwell
Venus - Kawaiithulu
Terra - Chris Thurman
Mars - Chasity Conner
Jupiter - Daniel Peet
Saturn - Brittany Ann Phillips
Ur - Myles Marrero
Neptune - Elissa Park
Pluto - Kim Morton
Release Schedule:
Voiced Prologue and Steam Demo: August 2019
Full Release with final 3 routes: TBD


1. Who is your favorite character?

2. What route are you looking forward to most?

3. If you could add anything to the game what would it be?


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Re: Re: My Only Sunshine [Otome][GxB, GxG][Sci-Fi, Fantasy]

#2 Post by yoshibb » Wed May 08, 2019 7:31 pm

My Only Sunshine Devlog 4/28/19
Hello Everyone!

It's been a busy couple of months for the team. When I originally started this project more than two months ago, it was only me and an idea. Now the team has grown to 19 members! It's incredible that so many people have come together in such a short period to bring the game to life!

So first off, a recap I've what we've done so far. A few weeks ago we released an updated version of My Only Sunshine that brought the route count up to 6. Currently, the game has over 70,000 words and 2 endings per route. We love hearing feedback from everyone, including who everyone's favorite is, so we've added a survey to the end of the game for those who'd like to fill it out.

Now, let's talk future content. Firstly and most importantly, we will be finishing the last 3 routes of the base game, Mercury, Mars, and Venus. But that's not all we will be doing! We've got plans for additional scenes to give you even more to look forward to. In fact, if you're curious, all our patrons will have a chance to see a small snippet of dialogue from a new scene we've been working on!

I finished the Character Intro Trailer and it's available to watch on youtube. If you enjoy it, please give it a like or comment. We'd really appreciate it!

We hope you follow us along on this journey and fall in love with some sweet planets in the process!

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