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Just a Number [Action] [Pyschological] [Romance][BxG]

#1 Post by AlexCLD » Wed May 29, 2019 12:13 pm

Hi everyone! Here Alex to talk about our very first visual novel project. We have been working on it for quite a while, but as resources are scarce, we are taking out time to get it done. Right now the only thing we can show are a few words and images describing the world, story and characters. From Artza Studio, we hope to catch your interest. Make sure to ask any questions!
PS: We are still looking for a BG's artist, feel free to PM me
PS 2: Just a Number will be available in 2 languages; english and spanish


What is Just a Number?

It is a military visual novel that is being developed by Artza Studio and that will have more than 120,000 words, a big amount of BG's, CG's and characters.

The story:

The world is immersed in war and inequality provoked by social castes. The balance between the two great superpowers (Esvenia and Khalaria) it is close to reaching a point of no return. To make matters worse, your country is on the verge of chaos: the lower castes have started strikes in the big factories, while the leaders of the nation try to consolidate their positions in the Supreme Council, the most important governing body. In the meantime, the army recruits you and before being mobilizied to the frontline, you will need to learn the basics in the military academy. As the leader of a small platoon of recruits, you will have to face all kinds of difficulties as you try to survive and rise ranks in the armed forces. Will you graduate with honors or, on the contrary, will you pass your period of instruction unnoticed? Will you be able to prevent your platoon from dying miserably on the front, or the horrors of war will break you? Will you find love or will you advance alone? This and much more await you in Just a Number.

Key features:

• 6 different endings
• NOT your regular bland protagonist
• Up to 10 well-defined characters
• 3 romanceable options
• 120K word length game
• Original soundtrack
• More than 12 CG’s

Main girl heroines:

Ivinna Kutuzov


Coming from Gaz-Cethai (Tomorrow), her parents have educated her to become a model citizen in order to move up the social ladder. However, until now the results have only led to disappointments. She has always been a lover of video games, romantic movies and animals. She is diligent and serious in the studies and in spite of not obtaining the results that are expected of her, she continues persevering.

Naya Shifort:


A girl from the lower castes who leads a hard life to whom she has given up. In the few moments when she gets some free time, she dedicates herself to reading, researching in the local library and listening to the relaxing classical music she loves so much. She has problems dealing with strangers and has never made a friend.

Elise Daszies:


Daughter of the famous Eleyas Daszies, her whole life is conditioned by her father's brilliant career, so the pressure and expectations placed on her are very high. As if that were not enough, the relationship she has with her father is tense, and he forces her to attend Council activities so that she can learn from it and one day take up his position. Nevertheless, it seems that no one has asked Elise which is the path she wants to follow in life.



Dhoredal is the home of the three continents. The largest one is Khalaria, your country, which has a population of over 3,400 million inhabitants. Esvenia, the second continent, is located in the westernmost zone and 2,800 million people live there. Finally, Qugen is a small area of land in which almost 1,000 million people live, while the north and south poles are completely uninhabited. The islands located in the center of the ocean that separates the two great superpowers have been the subject of dispute for more than a hundred years and have led to two major conflicts to date, known as the Intercontinental Wars.


Being created by a skilled artist as Squishyyy, we are trying to bring a truly realistic setting alive. Music in Just a Number will have a huge impact. Every single track will blend into the background, going with the flow of the game.



https://artzastudio.bandcamp.com/track/ ... rds-future

A few screenshots:



So far...

Story: 45%
CG's: 25%
BG's: 5%
Sprites: 25%
Music: 35%

Our team:

Squishyyy: Musician/Translation

AlexDust: Sprite/CG's artist

AlexCLD: Story/Editor/Translation

Vacant position: BG's artist

Follow us on Tumblr, we'll update soon!

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