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Masters and Contracts [DEMO] [Romance] [GxB]

#1 Post by IdenVi Official » Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:58 pm

IdenVi is proud to present the demo for their debut visual novel:
Masters and Contracts

bg prologue cg2.png

Link to Masters and Contracts Demo:

Game Summary
You're an aspiring musician who moves to the glittering capital, to chase your dreams of becoming an established composer.

By day, you're a waitress and by night, you're a performer at a fashionable restaurant in the city. One fateful night, four of the city's most eligible and wealthiest bachelors decide to have an impromptu dinner at your workplace...

...and they need you. They recognise your talent and offer you the opportunity of a lifetime, but only if you agree to enter an iron-clad contract.

Once you're in, there's no way out and you soon realize the world of the rich is a shadowy one. The men are sitting on dark secrets and if you know too much, you could be trapped forever...

But it could be that if you keep a clear heart, you may just change the heart of someone least expected...


Pulling tie.png

Masters and Contracts plays on the 'poor girl/rich boy' and 'fake relationship' tropes but with a darker twist. There will also be psychological thriller aspects which will be more apparent in certain routes.

The Love Interests
Ale sc.png
Rez sc.png
Kurum sc.png

Additional Features
  • We're proud to say that the main theme for Masters and Contracts is a track produced by Gyom Amphoux, a 4 time Emmy nominee!
  • Masters and Contracts is set in a fictional country, with its own history which will be explored in subsequent games.
  • Players will be given the option to skip love scenes (please note however that the scenes will not be explicit, just more detailed than the average visual novel love scenes)


Masters and Contracts will be available on mobile - for Android and iOS.

Please follow us on our main blog!


Link to Masters and Contracts Demo:

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