Baby Bumblebee [visual novel] [18+] [adventures] [eroge]

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Baby Bumblebee [visual novel] [18+] [adventures] [eroge]

#1 Post by BananaChu » Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:41 am

Baby Bumblebee
Genre: visual novel, adventures, eroge

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Baby Bumblebee was the last one to get out of the cocoon - 10 days before summer ends. He had to gather a lot of pollen and honeydew for the Bumblebee Queen. If he fails Queen won't have enough food to live through winter! He's her only hope.
He takes off to the forests ond fields in search of flowers full of pollen and honeydew.Will he prevail and gather enough?Will flowers agree to help Bumblebee or is he destined to fail the Queen?

🌟 "Walk in the shoes" of a baby bumblebee and explore the world unavalable to the human eye.
🌟 Cute flower-girls await you in a gorgeous world of greenery. Will you be able to capture their hearts?
🌟Colorful and exciting CGs will capture your heart!
🌟Enchanting backgrounds won't leave you indifferent. Did you see a meteor shower in the field? What about water lily pond in the depths of a forest?
🌟 Relaxing music containing birds singing and wind will calm you and help delving into the new magic world!
Some characters:

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