[Anime VN] [BxG] [Romance] The Never Withering Sakura and Her Story

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[Anime VN] [BxG] [Romance] The Never Withering Sakura and Her Story

#1 Post by HBPencilNeko » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:36 am

Last Edit: 18/12/2019
About this game
The Never Withering Sakura and Her Story (枯れない桜と彼女の物語)

Game Type:
Anime Visual Novel, ADV, all-age but 18+ patch available

Romance, cute, comedy and slice of life.

Tachizawa and his friends were having an adventure in their school at night.
He met a ghost girl called Akazaki who asked him to help her finding the never withering magical sakura tree, which was her wish before she died.
As the day of searching goes by, Tachizawa has found out more and more details about her death.
"What will happen if I fulfilled her wish?"
3 endings

Sample Art:

About this project
This is a commercial project that is targeting the android market mainly. But if it goes well, we will expand to other platforms as well.

The aim of this project is to gain more developing experience by publishing a simple visual novel.

Target Audience:
Both male and female, but mainly male.

Planned release date:

Voice Acting:
Probably no, but will considerate after published

English, Japanese(After English), Chinese(After English)

Art: Started
Music: Started
Script: Started
Proofreading: Not Started
Programming: Nearly Done
Sound Effects: Not Started
Translations: Not Started

Character Art and general art: HBPencilNeko
Programming: Filled
Script: Filled
Proofreader: Will review applicants once script is finished
BG Art: allenlimcy
Music: Alyx, CrysetBase
Japanese Translator: Filled

For applying, please visit HERE

This is still a work in progress game and is nowhere near finished nor proofread. If you are interested and want to follow along with our development, please bookmark this thread as we are updating it regularly.

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