The Dust of the Violet Crystals [apocalyptic][horror]

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The Dust of the Violet Crystals [apocalyptic][horror]

#1 Post by Corvaena » Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:04 pm

The Dust of the Violet Crystals

After a flesh-eating dust blows through your small town you are left trying to survive alone against hordes of Listless humans. Starved for social interaction you find yourself questioning your sanity when a voice speaks directly into your mind begging for help.

Screenshots/Current features:

*Timed choices
*Working inventory that varies based on choices
*Health and ‘dust’ bar that increase/decrease as the story goes on
*A sliding inventory that can be hidden at will to show more of the screen
*Multiple endings and branching dialogue. Even in the first two chapters choices will have some effects.
*Choose your gender and your relationship status (this is NOT a romance story and won’t really have romantic interactions, but I wanted the implementation/code tested for future games- see ‘About’.)

This game is a short story prototype that I am building as a learning tool for various gameplay and code mechanics that I can use for my other stories. The reason this story was chosen is it is a shorter story yet still in the same universe as the rest of my stories. If you want to learn more about stories I have already told, check my website.

A playable demo version of this game is available for free on the game's itchio. This game will always be free in hopes that more people will test it out and let me know their thoughts on how it is set up so that I can adjust as needed for future stories (or even inside this one, as it is not yet complete.)

Patch v2.0.0 will be available in the next day or two and will include chapters 3 and 4 as well as a list of bug fixes that I will add to my dev log on itchio as well.

Call for help:

If anyone has a few free minutes I would love if you would give the game a try and provide feedback! My main question is whether or not the current interface works, but any feedback is welcome.


*Playable web demo


The web demo will NOT have the full game, and does have a few known bugs (the lag will surprise nobody here) that have been addressed in the other download types. Patch v2.0.0 will have more edits and tweaks based on feedback as well. I am doing this in three major installments (ch1-2, 3-4, 5-end) as it is my first ever game and editing smaller chunks is easier for a beginner. :)

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