Northanger Abbey [Any x M, F] [Romance] [Comedy]

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Northanger Abbey [Any x M, F] [Romance] [Comedy]

#1 Post by spiral » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:02 am


Some might consider you an unlikely protagonist for a dating sim. You have no mysterious childhood friends, no vanished memories, and not one dead parent to your name. But at seventeen you have finally been invited to your first season in Bath, and thus stand at the cusp of a great - and highly interactive - adventure.

What happiness lies before you! The happiness of a progress through a long suite of lofty rooms, exhibiting the remains of magnificent furniture, though now for many years deserted. The happiness of being stopped in your way along narrow, winding vaults, by a low, grated door.

Perhaps, even...romance? Dance, love, and discover the secrets of the Abbey!

Download Northanger Abbey at Itchio
  • Two love interests, one male and one female, as well as a friendship path.
  • Other characters to befriend- or alienate!
  • Choose your gender and presentation
  • Flip everyone's gender for a Regency England where women rule over men
  • Classical soundtrack
  • Screenreader support, descriptions of music and images, customisable font and text size
  • Walkthrough and guide to Visual Novels
There are two possible love interests:
  • Henry/Helen Tilney: A snarky priest with an eye for muslin.
  • Eleanor/Edmund Tilney: An artist with a quiet, dry wit.
Currently planned improvements:
  • Nicer sprite art. But feedback on the style and designs are welcome!
  • more of MC's internal thoughts, and more context for dialogue choices.
  • I may write paths for Isabella, Evelyn, and John (in that order of priority) but I want to get this base game good first.
  • Does this description grab you? Anything I could do to make it better? Self promotion is so awkward /o\
  • What was your favourite part? Your least favourite?
  • If you like music in VNs, does the soundtrack work for you? I tend to turn music off in VNs so am not sure what appeals to those who don't.
  • Did you try out the matriarchy genderswap? What did you think?
  • Any other suggestions/reactions?
Also, the game and it's assets are released under a Creative Commons share alike licence! I intend on making a nice collection of all the backgrounds and posting it to itchio at some point, if anyone's after sketchily painted Regency England backgrounds.

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