Aria [GxB] [Fantasy] [Romance] [Mystery] working on demo

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Aria [GxB] [Fantasy] [Romance] [Mystery] working on demo

#1 Post by Pankek » Tue Jul 21, 2020 12:32 am

The throne is held undisputed by the Arkvoens, until one day their last member - Princess Aria - is murdered in the lounge of the castle. The culprit is not found. A hundred years later, Rua di Rinata explores the castle halls, searching for a secret chamber.

There are currently 8 endings planned (a good and bad ending for each of the 4 love interests). The word count is TBD. The price of the game is also TBD, but we were thinking around $5 to $10. The game is LGBT+ friendly.

Characters (The sprites are still being made.)
Rua - The protagonist and a clever young noblewoman.
Bella - Rua's genius older sister.
Enti - A foodie prince.
Allen - An edgy royal medic.
Luke - A gentle tutor.
Kei - An aloof painter.

Progress on the Demo
The demo hasn't been released yet. We are hoping to submit it in time for SuNoFes 2020.
Sprite art - 20%
Background art - 75%
GUI - 20%
Story/Plotting - 100%
Writing - 25%
Music - 25%
Programming - 5%

WIP Images

Character art, CGs, GUI, plotting, and programming: Pankek
Plotting and writing: Tyler Krasnai
Plotting: Erorua, Emma, Kylatia
Writing: Feinerine, Frankie, MC, TenshuZNinja, Tori
GUI: HarukaNami
Music: Alec Toppenberg
Background art: Voloshenko, Giao Nguyen

1. Would you prefer a demo released earlier with no CGs, or a demo released later with CGs, and why?
2. Any suggestions for improving the blurb?
3. What do you think about the character headshot (under WIP Images)? Should we stick to this style? We were originally planning to make the sprites more painterly than they are now, but anime style seems to go well with the backgrounds.
4. Do you have any other suggestions regarding our game, our progress, etc.?

We hope to get feedback regarding our progress and to gather interest in the game.
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Projects: Mistall Nostalgia, Duty Calls, Aria

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Re: Aria [GxB] [Fantasy] [Romance] [Mystery] working on demo

#2 Post by Saitogami » Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:00 pm

Hi Pankek!

Your project looks really cool! I love the sprite that you showed and the scenery that's been displayed up above! To answer your questions:
- I would personally prefer the demo to be released with CGs at a later date. This will give the viewers more of what you imagine for the game. While it will take long, it will be good to show more.
- I'm gonna assume that blurb means plot ahahhahaa if it isn't please correct me haha but the blurb of the VN sounds good and simple, with enough leg room to put whatever you want in the middle - between when the murder happened and when Rua finds the hidden chamber.
- I personally like the anime look. It does seem like it would go well with the backgrounds - at least to me it does.
- The only two things I would say are constant updates, and that's it. Keep the interest up by marketing the game, especially when progress has been made.

That's all the answers! I hope development is going well! I was wondering on my end if there will be voice acting auditions held for this project? If so, would love to audition! If not, with or without the voice acting, it will be fantastic!

Good luck and have a great rest of the week!

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