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BUZZ [Adventure][Comedy][smth like a Fantasy][Insects]

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2022 11:05 am
by helgacitrus

I've been thinking for a long time how to describe this visual novel.
I looked meaningfully at the view from my window, sobbed into my pillow and beat my head against the walls!
And then I did it...

This is a visual novel with choices, sometimes with mini-games and with insect girls... and with the same guys...

And they are all individual!
You can get to know them better...
Get bad and good endings!

I wanted to do something carefree and funny! And share it with other people.
So yes. We're here now.

If you are interested in what it will look like and find out more details, then so am I.
Just kidding! I've got it all covered.

Pages from an unknown notebook contain some information!
btw. she is the main character. and she's not an insect.
she's always hanging out with the main character.
to be honest, I really like her. such a narcissistic bastard!
she's not an insect either.

A little later, I'll show you three characters that you can interact with in the demo version of this visual novel :)
And in general, I will tell you more and show you more.

Additional information:

● I have a million times reworked script, ready-made code, and it remains to make music and sound, as well as graphics.

● All characters and relationships between them were created and invented in the likeness of those that I have ever observed in real life. That's why I'm interested in working on this visual novel! (and who doesn't like to be nostalgic? ahahaha)

● "BUZZ" will be available on and probably nowhere else.

● If you want to contact me and tell me something... Here is my discord: helgactrs#5538

● The age limit of this visual novel is PG. Idk how you feel rn, but I'm in shock.

● Mom cooked me a delicious chicken.

● And I ate it.

Thank you for your attention!
If you liked or disliked something, then leave a comment or contact me in discord!

I am interested and need to know your opinion.


Re: BUZZ [Adventure][Comedy][smth like a Fantasy][Insects]

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2022 5:51 am
by helgacitrus

I am alive and ready to show some of the development process of my VN.

Screenshot of the main menu:
And a GIF:
j g.gif

Thank you for your attention! See you in a million years!

Re: BUZZ [Adventure][Comedy][smth like a Fantasy][Insects]

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2022 6:07 am
by helgacitrus
A billion years ago or in a previous life,I promised to show you characters that you can interact with.

Here are some of them:

Silverfish(Lepisma saccharina)
People like her usually become your first acquaintances in a new place :)

(personally, I love her very much. I made her a sweet and purposeful character)

A sweet and charming boy. But his sister is intimidating and authoritative. He would like to be like her!

Dorcadion ganglbaueri
OMG! She's so mean! But probably for a reason... Surely because of her beauty!

Housefly(Musca domestica)
Chaotic and beautiful. Everyone is afraid of her, but people still can't take their eyes off her... (btw. me too)

Silverfish(Lepisma saccharina)
He probably won't talk to you. But he's here... In this list. Yes.

That's all for now.

And by the way. Now there is a piece of information about VN on