Live, Smile, Explode! [Furry][Mystery]

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Live, Smile, Explode! [Furry][Mystery]

#1 Post by DragonFanProjects » Sun Aug 14, 2022 6:26 am

A normal day at a new school turned deadly once you learn that there's a bomb in the class and all doors are closed. The only way to get out? Play a game that the bomber designed for you. It appears you need to earn the trust of your classmates to get out of this alive.
Will this experience make you grow closer together or blow you apart? Better get moving, because your time is slowly running out!
Game is avalible here

Live, Smile, Explode! (Or LSE for short) is a pretty experimental visual novel inspired by such titles as Danganronpa or Your Turn To Die, while not as brutal (yet) as those I plan for it to be a character based mystery series. So far it's more like a prototype of a demo, but I wanted to get some opinions on characters and the plot, before I go further with developing it. It's my first project like this in quite some time, so I'm really in need of feedback.

What I hope to get from this thread:
  • Critique of the characters and the plot.
  • Advice on how to improve the writing and game mechanics.

One last thing:
The game is still in early phases of development, which is why I posted it here. Hope it was the right topic.

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