Feedback on Founder Life: Entrepreneurship game: $20 reward

Post demo and beta versions of your game here for testing.
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Feedback on Founder Life: Entrepreneurship game: $20 reward

#1 Post by Watsonia » Wed Feb 15, 2017 5:25 pm






Our team has been hard at work on Founder Life, an entrepreneurial life simulator. We've reached a public alpha stage.
  • Manage the balance of how you spend time, energy, and cash.
    Learn how to work smart, rather than hard by setting schedules and routines.
    Establish your own brand new venture and nurture it over time.
    Find Product / Market Fit, along with your Founder Alignment / Venture Mission Fit
    Master the balance between your work, and your family, friends, and relationship.
The game is currently playable, but isn't necessarily any fun as yet. I think a lot of elements will need tweaked or added to before it's ready to ship.

However, it is ready to test (for some very kind persons, possibly, hopefully yourselves)!

The game is available here for PC, Linux, and OS X: ... S3BIa?dl=0

The game has a questionnaire at the end that will dump feedback into a database for us to review.

I've also included links to a screen recording software if you wish (one can also use Quicktime also). It would be so awesome if you could give a stream-of-consciousness screen recording whilst you play!

I made a link here for uploaded video requests:
or, one can send via WeTransfer to FounderLife @ nellwatson. com

There's a $20 Amazon/iTunes voucher up for grabs also to sweeten the deal for every video submission.

Thank you all so very much for your kind feedback. Your insights truly matter to our team!

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