Y;N [Mystery & Psychological Horror, inkl Point&Click]

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Re: Y;N [Mystery & Psychological Horror, inkl Point&Click]

#61 Post by sunwave » Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:53 pm

I played through your game and I had a great time.

It was good. At first you're really confused about what is going on (obviously intentional) but it doesn't take long to realize what you're supposed to do. Even then, most of the MC choices make sense and while I won't go into the mystery itself, I have to admit that most of what I understood was very unique with a few twists and turns that I didn't see coming, but that (mostly) made sense. However, in the final chapter it was a bit difficult to follow the story (mostly the (pre-)trial). I'm not sure if it was just me, or the fact that the setting was fantastical, or that it just really didn't make a lot of sense, but I didn't get it. Especially with the different endings that seemed to contradict each other (things unrelated to the choices you made changed between endings). Too bad, because the rest of the story was super engaging.
All in all, great story except for a too vague ending.

The music is great for the game. It is mostly gloomy and creepy, but then so is the setting. It does a great job at cementing the atmosphere and there are times where I was significantly creeped out. I already dislike phones... so that might have helped. XD Anyway, the music is great. Personally, I think the trial sound effects could have been a little more in-your-face, as I'm used to with other games with similar mechanics. On the other hand, you don't want to do the same just because it's the same. But to me, the trials missed a little bit of the "oomph" that different sound effects might have added. Sound effects for the rest of the game were on point. You did a great job finding all those, because in my experience SFX are the hardest things to find (at least the ones that fit perfectly). So, great job.

I can't say anything negative about this. It was great. Perfect for what you wanted to get across. Eerie when it needed to be (well... always) and it told the story when it needed to tell a story. The character arts were pretty good and the ****** were creepy as fuck. XD There was maybe 1 background in the "basement" (the first one) that I didn't really like because it was a bit plain. The place with all the closed doors.

And now one spoileriffic question (DO NOT READ IF YOU DID NOT PLAY THE GAME):
It turned out that it was the dude that got killed. And then, in the ending, you (or your sister) dies anyway? Why? She was saved already from the start.... =/ PM me?

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Re: Y;N [Mystery & Psychological Horror, inkl Point&Click]

#62 Post by Sleepy » Tue May 30, 2017 10:30 pm

Gave this a play recently and, even if it's not the full version, it's pretty promising and enjoyable for what it is! The setting has a lot of interesting clues and it has a great hook from the start. Though the walkthrough link is broken, the gameplay is intuitive enough that I could figure out most of it with minimal issues. However, if I do have any critiques on that, it's mostly:

a ) the green envelopes/letters blend into the background at times, so it's resulted in a bit of pixel hunting at a point. Likewise, because the importance of the green envelopes aren't pointed out (and because you can't backtrack to many areas), I found myself restarting and juggling multiple saves to try and find them
b ) this might change with the full version but the pacing feels a bit lopsided when you get to the final two trials. The game up to that point is pretty well-paced between exploration sequences and trial segments but then you get to the climax and it's plot twist after plot twist after plot twist with a lot to take in during one burst.

It's difficult to fully comment on the story, since the game even ends with a TBC, but I think the main twist of it plays out well. Even with things like
Yang's appearance being very well-detailed when she appears proper, giving more hints of how important she is
. Will leave more detailed thoughts on that front when the full version's released.

As noted by others, the art direction is on point and I'm almost jealous how well it comes across, especially with the ending climax. There was one thing I was tempted to try out
namely, to see if after getting your eye ripped out, it carried through to the end of the game
but it was a little too much squick for me personally. However, I think it's an interesting, shocking character change that fits the tone of the rest of the game, since a lot of games will allow protags to get injured (such as, BioShock Infinite or Walking Dead Season One) via player choice but it usually isn't that in your face.



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Re: Y;N [Mystery & Psychological Horror, inkl Point&Click]

#63 Post by Mirrowdothack » Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:41 pm

Sorry for the long delay... my head was ... filled with all kind of stuff. But, at least I managed to move my website (the links above should be updated)
I will answer all posts once I'm back from my holidays starting tomorrow. I don't like to do it in a rush, so I hope that's ok.
I also promise to give you more recent updates from now on... Please apologize my lazyness... new job... moving around... real life stuff... who cares.
I'm looking forward to give you guyes the update. Thank u so much for sticking with me all the time.
I've opened a trello calender to manage my projects and todos, so I should be able to work more efficient ^^ *fingers crossed.

At the end, a quick note: I've been working on my project constantly over the last couple of month. It's not cancelled. I'm just doing "adjustments"... and... well, you will see/read once I'm back.

Cu, Mirrow^^
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