Nocturnal Affair(+16) [Yaoi Jam][DEMO]

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Nocturnal Affair(+16) [Yaoi Jam][DEMO]

#1 Post by SilverSnow » Sat Aug 06, 2016 4:12 pm

Three days has gone by since Sidney confronted his stalker.
Now, he can finally find himself a girlfriend just as planned and enjoy his college days without worries.

Soon one of his college friends arrange him a blind date with a certain "Riley".
With heart full of excitement he goes. Much to his surprise a charming young man presents himself to Sidney instead.

《college student | 20 years old》
He has been stalked since entering college.
After confronting his stalker, he finally gains enough confidence to attend a blind date in hopes of finding himself a girlfriend.
《assistant teacher | 20 years old》
A fascinating young man who presents himself as Sidney’s date, there is something in him which inevitably allures people.
《college student | 20 years old》
Sidney's stalker, she used to be in the same class as him back in high school for three whole years.
Demo Features

First half of full version
3 endings
Original soundtracks

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