At the break of Twilight (slice of life/date sim)

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At the break of Twilight (slice of life/date sim)

#1 Post by Heartystar » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:27 pm

In "At the break of Twilight" you are a young teen girl, new to the small town "TNT" living with your father. This an anime-parody of the Twilight series, some liberties were taken as far as story line and character design, but needless to say the werewolf vs vampire theme is still prominent.
The cast is simplified currently, but eventually will be varied; there’s going to be 6 romantic endings, 1 neutral, and 1 bonus ending. I was toying with the idea of false or bad endings, but I figured it would be a fine line between entertaining and frustrating. But let me know if something like that would improve the game.
Cast/endings: Constance(player) - Straight-A student, after living with a free-spirited parent you've found you're a little too responsible for your age. With a new town comes a new persona, you're looking for adventure.
Dante - a newly changed vampire
Tyler - Childhood friend (werewolf)

Jessica - a young fashionista determined to make it big in New York.
Angela - (human) bookworm homebody.
Ben - (human) young photographer with wanderlust
Mike - (human) school athlete, has an obvious crush on you.

Tommy - Connie's father (human), sheriff of TNT. Strong and confident, but a little lost as far a parenting goes. Depending on the path you chose will deepen your relationship or cause you to end up estranged.
Nick - Tyler's father. (Werewolf) Rough and speaks rarely, though Tommy is his closest friend he is wary of outsiders.
Carlise - the young (vampire) doctor, adoptive/acting father to Dante. A die-hard romantic.
Esme - the young (vampire) phlebotomist, kind-hearted and tells you of the vampires' past.

bonus ending: Soren - a rogue vampire has been terrorizes your town and when you take it upon yourself to investigate, you are brainwashed into becoming his slave/accomplice.

To start I’m just going to focus on the two main love interests, at which point I’m only really testing that you can get through each scene without glitches, characters/expressions show up, etc.
This is a rough, rough WIP...a few expressions and scenes are not showing up, which is junk but....derp ...

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