Alabaster Gardens [VERY EARLY DEMO] (SoL/Existential Horror)

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Alabaster Gardens [VERY EARLY DEMO] (SoL/Existential Horror)

#1 Post by sirhatsley » Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:39 am

Hello! Welcome to the Alabaster Gardens. A small village where everyone lives with a purpose!!AlaMjgDPsW1O-zsTtDAYtnif-dlv

This game is... Strange. I can't really define what it is I created, since it doesn't fit into any particular genre. I don't even know if it has any audience besides myself. It's cute and charming, but it's also a bit cruel.

This is still a very early build of the game. Most of the background art is unfinished. The UI is in the middle of an overhaul. The sound is all subject to be replaced and just about everything is unoptimized. (If you have any ideas how I can optimize this, please let me know!) Most of the events are unwritten and there are probably a ton of typos. I will certainly post the game again once I'm done with more content, but for now I want to see what people think of the first 2 days.

I'm just looking to get as much feedback as possible, and I want to get it as early as possible.

Don't like the writing? Tell me why.
Don't like the artstyle? Tell me why.
Don't feel like the hook works? Tell me why?

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Re: Alabaster Gardens [VERY EARLY DEMO] (SoL/Existential Hor

#2 Post by Eddeha » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:20 pm

I just want to say I can't wait to see the full game. I can't think of much to critique! The art style was fantastic, the use of animations helped add to the tone of the game, there weren't any real typoes that I noticed... One of the music loops fades out awkwardly, but if that's going to be tweaked anyway then you're good to go.

Story spoilers:
The hook made me a bit uncertain about the game, but it had me once Pens started talking about writs. I'm fascinated by the concept and I was in a mindset of "gotta catch 'em all" as I talked to the other characters, really wanting to learn what their writs were. The tone of the story gave me a lot of good Dangan Rompa/Undertale-ish vibes, you know, a good balance of cooky and weirdness and lightness, with something dark lurking under the surface of it all. And Egg! I literally said Egg was the thing I loved most XcD
The story could go into so many directions and still be intriguing and lovely. I'm really excited to see how it pans out ^_^

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