Chasing the Stars [BxB] [DEMO+Kickstarter]

Post demo and beta versions of your game here for testing.
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Chasing the Stars [BxB] [DEMO+Kickstarter]

#1 Post by Ertal77 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:46 am

Hello, some of you might have already seen the thread for this VN at the "Works in Progress" subforum, but since there are a lot of games in there, allow me to post the demo also here, so people who only want to play and test is able to find it :wink:
After building some satellite cities as a test, the Earth is finally terraforming its first colony, the planet Alaya.

Tirs Abril has always dreamt of going to space, and now he's determined to take part in the colonization. Following his dream, he's currently studying the last year of Environmental Engineering in college.

After breaking up with his boyfriend, he finally finds his sought-after chance: working as a scholarship researcher with Professor Marc Rossell, a prominent figure in the field of Environmental Engineering, and right now in charge of building the dome that will cover the inhabitable part of Alaya. However, Tirs soon will find out things are more complicated than he thought and his path won't be precisely a rose garden.

How much is Tirs willing to sacrifice to pursue his dream? What risks or actions is he going to deem acceptable to achieve his goal? Will he reconsider his options or advance as an unstoppable force, no matter what? His decisions are up to you!


- THREE BxB love interests

- Multiple endings

- Top/Bottom/Skip adult content options

- Two threesomes

- Around 75k words (more or less 7-8 hours of gameplay)

- CG Gallery

- Choices Guide
You can download the demo at our
Please take into account that some of the art in the demo is only placeholder, it will have more music and the script has only been lightly edited: the final game will have most of the bg in the style of the cafeteria (see screenshot example!), the complete OST is on its way and the text will be thoroughly edited by two American beta readers. With that in mind, please share with us what you think so far of the game:

- Is the main character likable enough?

- Do you like the option of skipping all the BxB content or would you rather have that only as a menu option, not scene by scene?

- If you do like BL games, which character is your favorite so far?

If you like the demo, please consider pledging in our Kickstarter or sharing it with people who might like it! Thank you so much!
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