Remembrance [BxG][School/Fantasy/Drama/Romance]

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Remembrance [BxG][School/Fantasy/Drama/Romance]

#1 Post by Flutterpenn » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:11 pm

Remembrance is a visual novel that takes place at a college outside a fictional city in Washington. The protagonist (name up for change) has chosen this college in order to get as far away from his past as he can. Having suffered a terrible past his home only carried painful memories for him. Upon arriving at the college he runs into many people, all who seem to share something in common. They are all there to get away from their pasts. What's more, they all felt an odd urge to choose this college in particular. Play through the game to discover the mysteries of the forest, and find out more about what brought these characters here. ...

Alright so here it is. A revamped demo for a project that's been on hiatus for a long time. I finally decided I wanted to do this so I downloaded renpy and learned how to make my own bgs. Anyways, the demo contains the first day of the common route. Sorry this isn't the best looking thread. I'm not familiar with posting on here that much. Any feedback would be welcomed!

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Re: Remembrance [BxG][School/Fantasy/Drama/Romance]

#2 Post by SelLi » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:09 pm

I like the sprites, they look cute and are made pretty well. I can tell you put effort in. :)
I was taken off guard a little bit.
Before the protagonist got to the college, we were alone with his serious thoughts for a while. His thoughts, along with the backgrounds and him driving his car, put me in the mindset of a realistic situation. So, when he got to the college and things were filled with fun and silly anime antics, it was a little bit jarring. Then, in the latter part of the demo just before it ends, things get very serious which I also found jarring directly after the scene with "my lady".
I enjoyed the fun antics, the protagonist's thoughts, and the serious ending, I'm just saying that switching between them felt too fast for me.
Despite my qualms with the scene transitions, though, you did a good job pacing things. The scenes went by at natural-feeling paces without going by too quickly or too slowly.
I enjoyed it.
Sorry that I'm the first one commenting, by the way. The Demos and Beta Testing forum seems pretty quiet from what I've seen.

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