Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid (Adult 18+)(NSFW)

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Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid (Adult 18+)(NSFW)

#1 Post by Conley_1 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:34 pm


Hello lucky viewer!

I'm proud to announce that I am creating new updates to the game. I never really knew how to take breaks haha! I guess I just have a very vivid imagination because every time I finish one update... I come up with more ideas and work on ANOTHER one... XD

"Gentlemen It's Time to Get Laid" Version 1.8 will include the following:
  • More H-Scene Animations (Yes, actual animations will be available to watch during H-Scenes) (You're welcome, fappers XD)
  • A "Cheat Code Mode" (Basically enables players to Skip flirting with women, and jump straight to the Sex haha ;D)
  • Day 5 of the Story
  • And last but not least... THE LAMBO and Carlos' Play Station 4 will be available!
(At the beginning of the game, Carlos makes a bet with the main player, saying that he will let you keep his PS4 and car if you win. You will be able to play a videogame on the Playstation 4 (Probably a mini-game of some sort)
  • Also, the player will be able to Drag Race at night before going to bed. This will be a mini-game as well.
  • Of course I will tie in some New Female Characters into these new features, so don't fret ^^
My main goal is to make this game more... "Fappable" If that's even a word...

A Special Note <3

Stay tuned for more news on the update. I work really fast. For those of you who've played the game and enjoyed it, tell your friends about it and see if they'd like to play as well. I created this game for laughs & pleasure. It's just a silly game for men (and women) to play in their spare time for their own enjoyment. I spend time learning about my followers, seeing what you all enjoy, and what consoles you enjoy playing the game on. I enjoy hearing your hilarious feedback on the game as well haha!

This game would be nothing without the help from my supporters. I won't EVER ask for your money. All I care about is spreading joy through the keyboard, my dudes.

So thanks for the love you guys,

- Conley ^^

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