Running Blade v1.2 pre-release

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Running Blade v1.2 pre-release

#1 Post by Donmai » Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:56 pm

Like I did with all my other NaNo entries, I made a revised version of Running Blade, my NaNoRenO 2016 entry. I don't know if I told that before, but the idea for this game came from the fact that, according to the "Blade Runner" movie, 2016 would be the year in which android Roy Batty "was born".

Running Blade is a sci-fi adventure with four alternative endings, set in the universe created by Philip K. Dick (in his novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?") and revisited by Ridley Scott in his movie "Blade Runner".

Before I "officially" release this version, I'm hoping some friends will be kind enough to test it. Many things changed in Ren'Py in the last two years (for example, now we must create a separate Mac version). I've noticed that so far the game runs much better in the latest Ren'Py version, but anyway, if you would like to test it and comment here, I will be forever grateful.

People who have played the game before won't find too many differences apart from fewer typos (none at all, I hope), a few new dialogues, and a new postwork on all the images to enhance the atmospherics. The game resolution is now 1280x720. The soundtrack remains the same (I still like to close my eyes while listening to "Gates of Orion" and imagine I'm seeing c-beams glittering in the dark and attack ships on fire near Betelgeuse).

Running Blade v1.2 for Windows and Linux (69.4 MB):!Mp1mzQ7B!BsKszdOGD2qM ... 3-tCl1q1No

Running Blade v1.2 for Mac (52.3 MB):!g8tE0bIb!N7F9fLmqxtTD ... tLGV3IE0Ww
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