Summer Horizon [BxG, BxB,BxNB][Slice of Life][Ace Jam] Act 1

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Summer Horizon [BxG, BxB,BxNB][Slice of Life][Ace Jam] Act 1

#1 Post by Harick » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:25 am

Ah jeez this month went by faster than I'd like, didn't get done with all the art assets so sorry about that, anyway here's the link to the first chapter, incomplete as it might be
A little about the game

Summer Horizon tells the story of Alex who learns that learns they're asexual during the summer before college, and their journey into exploring what it means to be in an asexual relationship


Alex, the asexual protagonist

Alex is going into college after the summer, but after an encounter with the college LGBT club they find out they're asexual which turns their life into a mess.

Jason Todd, the unexpected friend

Jason is your typical jock, at least that's how Alex percieves him. He is in the hockey club at school but in his free time he is in pottery class and is a favorite of the grangrans.

Zaffie Smith, the hippie

Zaffie loves nature and runs the most influential Twitter page representing the teens of the Green Party. She is kind and very protective of her friends, but really stubborn.

Peter Lewison, the country boy

Peter is a trans man who works at his parents farm, and is honsetly just the nicest guy. He spends most of his time helping out at the farm or in school, but when he has free time he spends it either in the library or painting.

Kaitlyn Everett, the rival

Alex and Kaitlynn have been school rivals for a while, Kaitlyn always has the best grades and Alex is always just below her. She's cool, confident, and a perfectionist, which leads people into seeing her as cold.

Feeniks Svksbahrn, the DnD geek

Feeniks is an nb DnD geek with social anxiety who sometimes goes around in a wizzard hat and cloak. They enjoy temselves most when they play DnD.

Melanie "Misty" Porter, the artist

Misty is a trans girl who really likes art, and she works at an art supply store and buys more art supplies then she ever gets to use. She's sweet but very introverted, having no friends after some messy stuff when she came out as trans.


We're aiming to get full voice acting, and a male and female protagonist who can romance different characters. Along with that there's going to be a lot of art, and an original soundtrack. The game will also be free!

Anyway, if you decide to play the first act I have some questions I'd like you to answer!
1. What do you think was this first acts strongest point?
2. What did you feel was it's weakest point?
3. Who would you say is your favorite character?
4. Would you be interested in playing the full version whenever that comes out?

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