Winter's Symphonies [Drama/Psychological/Suspense/Atmospheric] - Demo available!

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Winter's Symphonies [Drama/Psychological/Suspense/Atmospheric] - Demo available!

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Hello Lemma Soft Forums,

I'm Leaf, and I released my first VN, Anomie, last summer. It probably comes as a surprise to no one, but as it was my first project, I learned a great deal of things. At some point, I also realized I didn't want Anomie to be my first and only work. With that being said, these last few months, I've been working really hard on something new, and I'm now ready to share a demo for it. It's around 10k words, and another 40k words on top of that have already been written.

Synopsis – Winter's Symphonies

“Winter never fails to bring surprises. Haven't you noticed, Sophie?”

"You uttered these words with such sincerity―it pained me to admit that I really hadn't. Looking back, though... winter's symphonies certainly carry many connotations to me."

A regretful past, a confusing present, and an unclear future. After shutting the door to a life many would envy, the protagonist of the story, Sophie, returns to her one and only hometown. The town is just as she remembers it. She, however, is not. She can't help seeing herself as empty―as empty as the barren trees around her. One calling abandoned, with no clear path ahead: what is her true purpose in life, now that time has faded the malicious spell of vanity? Furthermore, how will she deal with crippling regret and guilt she carries?

When the wonderful symphonies of the winter season sound over the city – as they do every year – will the powers of supposed miracle, ”fate", steer her life in a predetermined manner?



Sources of inspiration

- Sakura no Uta
- Hatsuyuki Sakura
- White Album 2

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Thanks for checking it out, and let me know what you think! Interested in helping out/getting involved in one way or another? Message me here on Lemma Soft, or mail me at

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