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Test a VN made with Belle.

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:03 am
by VideaVice
Hello board,

I think it's the right place to ask this because I need some of you to test my VN. It is not made with Renpy as you will notice and might have some bugs hidden here and there that I can't no longer identify on my own. Don't worry, it's PG13, your eyes are safe.

What I actually need is a feedback on potential technical issues (so you don't have to read the damn story). If you're willing to test this project just go through it by clicking to progress. Escape to save/load.


Let me know if the game loads properly, if the visuals are displayed, sound issues? Any strage larse? Try out the save/load mechanics. Are you able to jump back in the game after saving/loading? Any system32 failure noticed for the window user?

Of course screenshots of any weird event are gladly appreciated.

Here's the link. ... V77HOHl640

Thanks for the help.