Supa Doggy Dater Deluxe 2 (Demo, Play Testing, Kickstarter)

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Supa Doggy Dater Deluxe 2 (Demo, Play Testing, Kickstarter)

#1 Post by JanstinBeebo » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:31 pm


"Done with the pigeons? Cats all dated? Literature club girls... hangin' out with someone else? Open yourself up to the wonderfully charming world of doggy dating! The pups are waiting for you in this heartfelt adventure filled to the brim with likable characters, memorable moments, and of course... DOG JOKES! It's time to put it all on the line and make the canine of your dreams YOURS! Will you successfully woo the doggo of your choosing?

or will dog shit hit the fan."

Hey all!

This is the project I've been working furiously on. It's a meta dating-sim game with extremely dark undertones that explores the twisted mentality of the "player". I might as well come out and say it because I know people will think it: It is heavily inspired by Doki Doki Literature Club... but it is not a copy or recreation. I took inspiration from various other games and have been using the development process as an outlet to channel some of my repressed creative and emotional energy that's built up inside of me these past few years. I am primarily the one working on it and handling everything in the back-end, but my brother has been assisting with coding when needed and will also be providing a song or two for the soundtrack. I also have the wonderful people on this forum to thank for when I ran into problems with Ren'Py. So far, responses to threads have been reasonably prompt and awesomely helpful. Much appreciated!

Anyway, here is the link to my Kickstarter page (It was officially approved by KS, but I'm leaving it in preview mode until the time is right to go live.): ... =074dda97

This is NOT a request for donations. (It's not even live yet!) The Kickstarter page simply exists for promotional and informational purposes. It also has the link to the play testing page with Windows, Mac, and Linux downloads.

I would love to get some feedback or comments from anybody willing to lend a bit of their time! Game demo features approximately one hour of playtime, depending on your pace. You better believe I will return the favor - If you put the effort into checking out my project, I would love for you to send me anything you have that you'd like an outside perspective on. Count it :) I will also include all play testers in the end credits of my final game.

Thanks again to this passionate community of creators and teachers. It's much more than I could have asked for and has helped me take this first step into video game development.

- Joey (JanstinBeebo)

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