a schlo dating simulation [DEMO] (bxb dating sim)

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a schlo dating simulation [DEMO] (bxb dating sim)

#1 Post by krt_org » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:25 pm

Hello! I have just finished the demo of my first visual novel. I plan on making more of it, but would consider this its own standalone project.

This demo is a lighthearted, yet dark dating sim based off of a book I have written. You play as Dreygan, a teenage boy who has had something bad happen to him. You get to choose which interactions between his friends you experience, while the beginning is more kinetic.

This is my first visual novel, so I apologize if anything doesn't work! I have spent several hours now trying to build everything right and hope it worked! I would love critique and would love to hear from the people on this forum. It was such a great resource for me while making it! Thank you for reading my message.


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